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279 1 Xinutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council, of the Village of Edina, held in Wgnge Hall at 8 PUS on December 12, 1933. <br />Tke meeting f7as called tb order by the President and all members of the Coundil were present except Trustee Reimam* <br />=so JiL We Harris and Nrse Do F. 3dcGuire appeared before the Council dth a proposition that if the Council would furnish certain materials a number of ladies whom they represented t70U1d <br />be glad to make up the material into maring apparet for dis- <br />triaution to the pooro The ladies vere advised to subit a list . of materials to Wustee \7illson who was authQrized t6 purchase and otherwise .* use his discretiono <br />The. road'and village bills; upon due examination and being found <br />correct mere on motion Prescott , be allomed and ordered paid, seconded by Willson, and carriedo They are as f0110t78: <br />.. <br />We S, JOY Street Commissioner $88.00 <br />Road labor 61.20 <br />82075 Road la%or with team 125060 <br />130*00 VI llage Narshall 125.00 <br />125.00 <br />TI. S. Heydt Police Officer 90 00 <br />S. Sodergren Carpenter labor 18000 <br />Re J. Johnson Road labor 3.20' <br />D. F, NcGuire President*December 35.00 <br />Je Je Duggan Treasurer 25000 <br />Ben Bo Noore Recorder 75.00 <br />250 00 <br />C, Po Bescott * Trustee 25000 <br />So J. Iioberts Utility man 100.00 <br />Le Stcrlzlman f. <br />P, A. Redpa"& *. <br />09 M. Spaqde Police Officer 9oeoo <br />Rsllin WCready Road labor 1.20 <br />Pe Bhlgren Tractor operator <br />John Tracy Art Peterson Labor with truck <br />To E. Tillie Village Marsh11 <br />George A, %illson !bustee <br />I)r, Lowell N. Campbell Health Officer <br />Xiscellsneous bills -ere on motion Willson, be allowed and odered paid <br />Prescott, and carried. They are as follo278: <br />Jo ;E. Reimann *US Lee 25.00 --?F$2* To tax Road & Village upon due examination and being fotmd correct seconded by <br />Chae. T. Hay <br />&so &rl Poster <br />George A, 17illson <br />Nrs, Arthur Straite <br />hily B. Sachs <br />Fred GY@~@I~+ <br />J, 59, Newburn <br />3? 2Z. Ellison Lulta B. Jarvis <br />C. 2. 13lackburn <br />Grant Collier' & 1% Harris <br />VPC tor Irgens .. <br />Bren Hardmre Coo <br />Earsh Bc XcEennan He YI. Darr <br />Justus Lumber Coo <br />S & &I Tire Company <br />Auto mectric Supply COO Hennepin County <br />C. 9. Lindquist <br />aina Hardware <br />3, 3. Hennessy Co. Country Club Garage Hennepin County Review Laird-Nsbelthau, fnc. <br />Minneapolis G E Company <br />0. N. Spmde <br />Judge of Jilection Judge of Rection ' Judge of Election <br />Clerk of ELection Clerk of ZLection Judge of Zlection <br />Judge of JBection Judge of ZLection Clerk of ELection Clerk of section Arranging booths & spl officer Cora vood <br />Gas 8s oil for tractors, police <br />Dynamite Premium insurance <br />Rent Lumber Tires for Police Car Repair magneto + Poor Farm service <br />Black smi thi rig <br />Road koobs-and 8UpplieS <br />Lumber Police' car service <br />Ballots and Published notice Btteries November street lighting Nine loads manure <br />car <br />6040 <br />6.40 <br />6040 <br />60 40 <br />6048 <br />60 40 <br />6040 <br />60 40 <br />60 40 <br />6e40 <br />8000 <br />4000 <br />37075 <br />3.75 <br />18000 <br />18000 <br />290 20 <br />33.44 <br />6000 <br />91.00 <br />67 o 42 <br />55.79 <br />9084 <br />230 56 <br />Be 48 <br />394.72 <br />$1025 <br />18.50