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14 <br />Xinutea of the rqular msting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edin? <br />held in Grange Ha11 ;It 8 P2, on <br />February 13, 1934. <br />Plrs, L. E. Jpr?lie., recently cnoointed. VillPge Relie? --orker, <br />arsoesrzd ;=2fcre c-is Council TitLi 2 very comle'ie end ???is- <br />z'pctory report coverinp ~11 relief aork xor tne month of <br />Jznuary. Ere. Jf r'Tie v?s comolimented by Feverp1 r:icvbers of the council for her excellent servicee rnd her rxmrt <br />we C;uly Iiled -it5 the Recorder. <br />The miscellpneous oiPls, uoon due cxmifnrtion ;.nd being found <br />correct, "?re an motion gillson be rllor7ed 2nd or6ered wid.. <br />Seconded b;r PrFscott and carried. Tiey 2re 8s follorre: <br />Carl Olson <br />Edina Grocery <br />Philpott-Bciieg Go. <br />E. 17. Harric <br />Docken s Cann- Store <br />Pederson Ercz. <br />Tooddale Grocery <br />Ycung Fue3 00. <br />Triskrls Grocery <br />L. A. XcLeilan <br />Xi lle r--Di)~i s CO . <br />3nce2poliE AbFtrsct Co. <br />Ch~s. Xiller end Son <br />Albert Graber <br />Le i rc3-23e'ue lthm , Inc . <br />Glacier Send Gr. Co. <br />Country Gluo Garpge <br />Ti. F. Gervey <br />Dphloere 9ros. Inc. <br />J. Z. Hennesq Go, Edins Kerdr;eye Hennepin COU -;ti7 Rmi ET C. A. Linduuist <br />City of Xiniizzoolis <br />Eelson e Dry Gclode <br />Univercity 02 ;-inn. <br />GrPnt Collier <br />ESins Feed Co. <br />Kiinni?a3oiis G. 5. Go. <br />Village St. Lmir Psrk <br />Kinnekha Grznge <br />Groceri@r for poor $74.56 <br />Groceriec for noor 44.88 <br />Coal for Door 147.00 Ggs-oil tr~c-bc~s, Police <br />cr"r IPFP tax <br />Grocerieg for Door <br />::ilk for poor <br />Groceriee I'cr ooor <br />Coel for poor <br />Groceries for poor <br />Groceriee for -goor Office supplies <br />Abstract s <br />Rozd euvolies <br />Sngineerinp services <br />Police FUD -.lie2 <br />Sznd <br />Police cpr ??mice & repi re <br />Road suplies <br />Police cr?r ec"rvice <br />S en er p i p e Police & Roa6 eu-opliee Pub. notices <br />Blackwii thing <br />Annua 1 Sem r Chc? rge <br />Relief eupplies Inmlin for Qoor <br />Cord nood <br />Hauling h w1t <br />54.61 <br />52.11 <br />2.52 <br />22.59 <br />97.40 <br />7.68 <br />15.219 <br />2E. 55 1s. 75 <br />3.00 <br />69.00 <br />1.78 <br />51.75 <br />42.02 <br />7.20 <br />.55 <br />2.35 <br />24.65 <br />52.45 <br />13.2.9 <br />250.00 <br />18.34 <br />17.75 <br />4.m <br />7.95 Januarg Street lighting 384.92 <br />Fire DeFt. service 70.00 <br />1/2 year rent spl <br />meetings 79.00 1/2 gear rent tool aouee 37.50 <br />Total Idiscellaneous Bills $1700.44 <br />Coumunication oated Febrwry 13 from A. C. Statt, xewger of <br />the Courntry C1ub;Lo tne effect tmt ~e zed lessed tlie dining <br />roo% and cafe Pzcilities to :'m. 3rie tell^ 2nd her FO~, <br />EdTard Tiells YJ~E rPad. The ourpose of tais transzction cein;r, <br />that 3s. 'tTf.11~ Ea6 son :iiigat oozain an "oi> ~rle'l liauor <br />license. In EF as tbestate 13.1.: specifies t.i3t C~~J.OE, <br />and not individuels, might be licensed to sell lion FPiP <br />liquor in toe Village of Edins, tiie imtter VTE rez?rrt?r? to <br />'-be Village Attorney for inveeti *ation an6 renort.