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21 <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council of the Villa& of Edina <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, on <br />Xarch 12, 1934. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were found present. <br />It mas moved Blackburn that Ifoff sale" liquor license to the <br />Hag and Stenson Company, 3901 West 50th Street be renewed <br />upon payment of license fee of $30.00 for a period of one year, beginning April 1, 1934. Motion seconded by Preecott and <br />carried. <br />Mrs. Henry Karding appeared before the Council with the request <br />tha.t Xerxes Avenue be opened up, graded and graveled between 63rd and 66th Streets, which was referred to the Road and <br />Bridge Committee. <br />It was suggested by Moore tha.t pursuant to resolution adopted <br />by the Council on February 13, 1934, that a resolution desig- <br />nating the location of cascade, well and pump be adopted at <br />this time. whereupon it was moved Moore that the Minnehaha Creek Idill Pond Cascade, well and pump be located approximately <br />150 feet west of No1 5 Xighway bridge on property acquired from <br />Mesers. Hmson and Millman in the bed of Minnehaha Creek. Hotion seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />Efir. B. BA. Parks appeared before the Council requesting permit to construct and operate a Hotion Picture Theatre on the Norris <br />property on Vest 50th Street and mas requested to present the <br />matter to the Council at its next meeting. <br />ar. A. Nelson appeared before the Council with the request that a permit be issued him to build a Motion Picture Theatre on <br />the Kell property on West 50th Street and was also advised to <br />present the matter to the Council at its next regular meeting, <br />Mrs. L. M. Jarvis presented her report covering relief work <br />during the month of February, which was duly accepted and <br />placed on file. <br />The Miscellaneous bills upon being found correct were on motion Willson be a.11omed and ordered paid., seconded by Prescott and carried. They were as follows: <br />Twin City Ins. Uo. <br />Edwards Potor 00. <br />City of Minneapolis <br />Albert Graber <br />R. Helen Johnson <br />W. G, Christensen <br />Security National Bank <br />Young Fuel 00. <br />Philpott-Bailey Co. Docken s Cornm. Store Carl Olson <br />L. A. McOlellan <br />Wooddale Grocery <br />Pederson Bros <br />. Edina Grocery Boreyls Shell Station <br />E. W. Harris <br />W. F. Garvey <br />c B. H. Bradley <br />Paulson Bros. <br />Greggls Pharmacy <br />Peerless Electrical Go. <br />Insurance $ 6.90 Repair Wehr-Fordson 47.40 <br />Fire Dept service 358.80 <br />Engineering services 19%. 00 <br />Stenographic work 8.10 <br />Plumbing Inspector 20.00 Premium bond of <br />Village Treasurer 100.00 <br />Coal for poor 104.40 <br />C'oal for poor 112.85 Groceries for poor 49.66 <br />Groceries for poor 44.36 Groceries for poor 12.43 <br />Groceries for poor 37.67 <br />Nilk for poor 2.07 <br />Groceries for poor 64.04 Kerosene for poor 3.50 Gas-oi1,for police car & <br />tractors, less Fed. tax 61.15 <br />Hardware-Road supplies 9.94 <br />Engineering service s 25.00 <br />Blasting caps 40 <br />Poor supplies 1.64 <br />Police supplies 3.39