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of $1000.00 as an evidence of good faith on the part of the <br />Edina Theatre Corporation to insure prompt completion of the work. Notion seconded by Willson, the vote being taken found there were five ayes and no nays and so duly declared <br />carried. <br />It was moved Moore that the Village Attorney be requested to <br />prepare a theatre ordinance covering the licensing, operating <br />comfort and general safety of theatres in the Village of Edina in which the annual license fee will be at the rate of $50.00 <br />and patterened along the lines of the Einneapolis Theatre <br />Ordinance. Motion seconded by Blackburn. The vote being <br />taken found five ages and no na,ys and so duly. carried. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council motion was made to adjourn and carried 11:50 Pit. <br />The aeeting was called to order by the President, the roll called and all members of the Council were found present. <br />Village Recorder <br />Minutes of the regular meting of the Council of the Village of Edina <br />held in Grange Hd1 at 8 PM, on March 26, 1934. <br />Mr. L. L. Hanson before the Council in the matter <br />of Zocatirig 8. dry cleaning plaht costing approximately <br />$20000.00 on lot 46, County Auditors Subdivision 172. In a.s much as the location would be that where Gloucester Ave., so called, would be located if cut through. It was sug- <br />gested that Mr. Hanson see the planning engineer for the <br />City of Minneapolis for his recommendations and suggestions <br />in such a. case. <br />Mr. Beach axpveared on behalf of his client,’ J. E. Bechtold, <br />mho had submitted a proposition to the Council at its special meeting held on March 22, 1934 f8r the erec.tion of a theatre <br />and again advised the Council his principle was ready to go <br />ahead with the proposition immediately if granted a permit. <br />Minutes o.f the special meeting held on March 22, 1934. for the <br />purpose of considering several motion picture theatres were <br />read. On motion Prescott they be amroved as rea,d, seconded <br />by Blackburn and carried. <br />Mr. Abeles, attorney, and Xr. Friedman, having heard the minutes of the March 22, 1934 meeting: read, next apneared <br />before the Council and advised their .architects were working on plans and specifications and that notices has been given tenants on lot 45 to move, and further assured the Council