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31 <br />Minutes of the regular 2ieeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina held in Grange Hall at 8 PK, on April 23, 1934. <br />The aeeting mas called to order by the President and all members of the Council were present. <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on Earth <br />3, 1934 were read. On motion Willson, they be anmoved as read. Seconded by Bla.ckburn a.nd carried. <br />k comaunication dated April 23 signed by nine residents living in the neighborhaod of the so-ceiled Perry Pi=irk, stating that <br />present uses of the park was a public nuismce and asking that it be c32msed. to be public. After discussion it was moved <br />Bla,cBburn thet the matter be referred to the Village Recorder <br />for such action as he saw fit. gotion seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />Newly apaointed Street Commibsioner, Ralph J. Johnson, having: finished his CIA duties, it was suggested by Chairman Prescott 0.f the Road and Bridge Committee that he now officially enter on to the duties of Street Commissioner, this being agreeable to all of the Council. It was thereupon moved Prescott that <br />the ra,te of pay of Street Commissioner Johnson be set at $110.00 <br />per month. b1otion seconded by Villson 2nd carried. without <br />d i ss ent ing vote. <br />The faithful services of W. S. Joy extending bpck many yec7rs as <br />Street Commissioner mas discussed by the Council. As a. comvliment <br />to Nr, Joy it was moved Willson thpt pay check be drawn in his favor and th8.t: he be paid up to date. Motion eeccnded by Prescott and carried without dissenting vote. <br />The Time Book having been duly examined, it was moved Prescott that edva-nces be qade the Road Crew and Peace @fficers as in- dicated by the Recorder in the Time Book. Hotion seconded by WillPon and carr,ie’d. <br />After a discussion regaxding the moving of Pa,rkaay trees it m2s moved Blackburn that beginning as of May 1, 1934, a charge will <br />be aade for the moving of all Parkway trees vhich may be nec- eesary on account’of drivewayrs, said moving of trees in any cpFe <br />to be under the direction of the Street Commissioner. Motion <br />seconded by bioore and carried. <br />Apnlication in form by,George E. Gale, 4374 Aurora Avenue, for <br />building permit to build an addition to premises was on motion <br />PreEcott be granted. Seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />Trustee Blackburn reported on the ma-tter referred to hirn at the <br />last meeting of the Cou-nciJ., that of certain cracks in the basement of the Ireland house lomted on Hanson Road, which spid <br />cracks might have been caused by bhsting in the removal of dirt from the Haxson clay pit on a,ccount of CFA Hennepin County <br />Project No. 14. Trustee Blackburn stated he had visited the preraises in company with a building contractor and that if any <br />of the cracks were the result of Village activi.ties t;?e damages <br />fair with the Irelands t,le friatter vas re-referred to the Roed <br />and Bridge Commietee to ascertain nhat, if anything, the Village <br />might do in their behalf. <br />c would be rimll. In order thet the Council might be entirely <br />c <br />Go-cmunication dated April 13 by Geo. TV. Strong, Village Attorney, regarding a, proposed Baber Ordinance submitted tB the Council. <br />a8 a recent fleeting ma8 read in which Nr. Strong cited his <br />opinions on the proposed ordinance and. questioned the necessity <br />of such an ordinance at this time.