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Kinutes of the regular meeting of <br />the C07..ncil of the Villsge of Edina. <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 Psi:, on $by 14, <br />1934. <br />The iiieeting was called to crder by t-ie PreFidsnt 2nd 811 <br />meiilxrs of tae Council vere f'ound wesent. <br />h;eF.ere: Estebrcok 2nd Hargi'c^vee prepented on behalf of "e <br />Pilleoury Engineering Coxpany a comnrehensive report on t7 <br />TatFr narks proposition as ewthorized at the !?frch 12 <br />meeting.. After explanation 2nd diecussion of the report <br />by the reDresentative of the Pillsmry concern, it mas <br />riloved ISoore tmt the rpport be acceoted PQ~ bill in mount of %ZSO.SO as agreed,to be ellowed pnd mid. Ilo%ion Eec- <br />onded by Blackburn and' carried. <br />Ik: D. 'V. "Ilallace of 'Yeet 50th St. apDeared before the <br />Council and compla.rned of priss~e end rubbish burning prec- <br />tices by George Pzyne, 1iviEg north of 49th St. It ave <br />moved Koore that the matter oe referred to the Village <br />Attorney, seconded by Prescott and carried, <br />Ur. Hzneon mpeared before the Council requeeting thpt a <br />building permit be granted him to complete building at <br />5448 France Ave. for residential purpoees. Hr. Hanson ad- <br />vised thPt thie building he8 been stsrted several veprs be- <br />fore encoctment o€ the Zoning OrdinPnce and tnat it w8s about <br />505 completed. <br />application for building permit &vi+ng been aede thst per- <br />misEion to com-olete building be given Flr. Rznson. Xotion <br />Feconded by Eoore and carried. <br />Yiee TTel~on, 4928 FrPDce Ave. apqepred 2nd requested Der- <br />rflirsion to build a tzmporary refreshwnt stpnd on the <br />Po~ers oroperty locFted on the ~outh side of ?Test 50th St. <br />betr?een-!?r;t'nce Aoe. and Halifax Ave. After diecusRion it <br />WE ifloved Koore that the matter DS referred to Triistee <br />SYilleon for investigation end report. Seconded by Prewott <br />aiici. cFr.ried. <br />Lrs .' Jervie; Village re-lief vJorker, presented detailed re- <br />port on relief extended bv the Village during the previous <br />month, Vhich report 371as on rriotion LIoore be ecceoted. Itotio.? <br />e6conded by Prescott and c,orsied. <br />It was thereupon moved by 'fiillp?ori 'chat <br />D <br />VillPge Trnpsurer Dugg8.n preaented duly paid and cencelled. <br />Letrrzl Sewer District No. 1, mrrznt l?o. 3 and Lateral <br />Smer District Eo. 2, warran-t No. 1, together with paid <br />interept cou.pons, -hich upon being duly exmined by the' <br />several members 03 the Village Counci'l Tere nlmed. in the <br />VFLrlt. <br />The Iiiecellaneous Bi 11s , upon beiw duly examined Pnd found <br />correct mre on motion BillGon be al3~ed ~nn' nrdered Raid, <br />seconded by Eoore and corried. They 8re 3,s follom: <br />Bren Hashare <br />Park Const. Go. CP roline e Pha raacy <br />E. X. EIPrris <br />Pillsbury Espr. Co. <br />1 I 6 I: s h i:c Len n an City of ZinneFDolis . <br />J. E. Ilennesqr Co. <br />Edine Gerpae Rice Send Gravel Go. <br />Village St. Louie Park <br />Bennepiil Go. Review <br />ikpi.s. G. E. co. <br />'E. H. Ziegler Go. <br />Country Cl1-1-b Garage U Of hinnecota <br />Dynmi t e <br />Snom plow <br />Drugs Gas-Oil <br />"et?r report W survey Ineurence <br />Police Radio <br />Cu.1vert Police car Gravel <br />Fire Service <br />ETotice <br />Street Liyhtins <br />Pgrts Police CPT <br />Inculin <br />$127.85 <br />40 t 00 <br />19.95 <br />82.16 <br />250.09 <br />16.00 <br />26.06 <br />31.75 <br />9,40 10.45 <br />35.00 <br />9.00 <br />386.00 <br />13.09 <br />23.43 <br />17.50