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42 <br />Pdinutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, onrJune <br />25, 1934. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President and all members of the Council were found present except Trustee Prescott mho mas out of the Vilfage, <br />Mr. A. C. Statt presented liability bond to the Village of Edina in amount $10000000 covering liability in the re- building and moving of cess pool serving the Gountry Club and located on the Sunny Slope section and Vest 50th Street. After examination it was moved Blackburn the bond be <br />accepted, seconded by Villson and carried. <br />Trustee Villson presented a bill from H, V. Darr in amount <br />$l8,OO for storage of three lam mowere, vheel barrow, garden nose and several other pieces of minor park board equipment for period November 1, 1938 to July 1, 1934, and moved the bill be paid. Uotion seconded by Blackburn. <br />Those voting Age being McGuire, Blackburn and Oillson, voting No, Eoore, and so derllafed carried. <br />Application in form for building permit by Ernest 8. Hans011 to build a 22 x 24 frame construction private dwelling on Lot 3,. Section 33 and located 150 feet n0ri;heast of inter- section Hanson Road and &I. N. & s. Ry. Company. It vas thereupon moved Billson apalication be granted, Motion seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />Trustee Billson presented a bill of Ernie E. Davis in amount $20.00, the same being for privilege of using his property for village dump, for rubbish removed during Village Clean Up Veek Yor the years 1933 and 1534 at <br />$10.00 per year, and moved the bill be paid. BSotion sec- onded by Blackburn and carried. <br />Ur. Frank Voods appeared before the Gouncil sT;atmg that Hennepin County, during the improving of County Highway <br />39, had changed the course of the road and as a re&ult had <br />caused him to lose some raspberry bueaes, strawberry plmts and oak trees and that he mould apmeciate the Council's assistance in the settlement of his clarm against the County. It mas agreed to leave the matter Pith tne Rec- <br />order for such results as he might be able to accomplish. <br />The minutes oT the regu1a.r meeting of the Council held on June 11, 1934 mere read, on motion Billson be &pr>roved as read. Seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />It vas suggested by the Hecorder for tne purpose of per- <br />manent-record and for future relterence that the letter <br />dated Nay 23, 1934 by the Honorable A. G. Bainbridge, <br />Mayor of tne City of Hrnneapolis, reply by Ben B. Hoore, Village Recorder of Edina, dated June 2, 1934, and ack- nowledgment to aoove reply dated June 12, 1934, all re- ferring to the matter of' locati-on and operation of vlotion Picture Theatre in the neighborhood of France Avenue and Vest 50th Street, be incorporated in the minutes. Vnere- qon it was maved Blackburn that the Recorder's suggestion <br />be concurred in. Eotion seconded by Billson and carried. They are as 3011oms: <br />Hay 23, 1Y34 <br />Eon. Dan S. Baguire, IdayQr, and Embers of the Council, <br />Village of Edina, Minnesota,