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49 <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, on July <br />23, 1934. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, roll was called a.nd all members of the Council were found present except Recorder Moore who was still confined to his bed by <br />illness. <br />A report by Justice of Peace Gilkey, accompanied by the sun <br />of $19.35 was read and money turned over to the Treasurer. <br />It was moved Blackburn that advances be made the Village <br />employees as indicated by the Recorder in the warrant book. <br />Seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Assessor Alex Creighton appeared before the Council and presented his report and bill €or the 1934 assessment, which <br />on account of the Homestea@ Revaluation Law required con- siderable additional labor, After discussion and examination <br />of the bill of Hr. Creighton as assessor for $790.00 and that <br />of Harry Hanson as Deputy Assessor for $52.50, it was moved Blackburn that the report be accepted and payment of bills be allowed, and tnat $200.00 advance be made to Mr. Creighton, <br />balance to be paid at a fukure meeting. Motion seconded by <br />Villson and carried. <br />$2iOO was received from Sam Roberts for Village labor moving <br />shed of Hans &fadeson, 64th and Norraanda,le. This was turned <br />over to the Treasurer. <br />The Hinutes of the last meeting meje not written up and could <br />not be read for approval. <br />No furtner business to come before the Council motion made to <br />adjourn at 10-!45 PM. <br />Recorder Pr otem. <br />Receipts by Recorder <br />July 1934 <br />G. Burman 4629 Bruce $5.50 <br />W. H. Gilkey J of P. 15.60 <br />Mun Hing Interlacken Rd 1.00 <br />August 1934 <br />Edina Theatre License 25.00 <br />R. F. Hilts 11/13 So Harriet 1.00 <br />/