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52 <br />Xnufas of the regular meeting of <br />$be CQunciT of) $he Village of Eaina hela in the Grange Hall at 8 PA, on August 27th 1934. <br />The meetbe; vas Galled to order by the President and all members of the council rere found present except Trustee 'J Bla ckburn. <br />Tfie question of expiration of all theatre licenses to be issued xss brought up and after discussion it Fa8 moved by Prescott $hat they expire on April 3922. of each year <br />e.0 conform tc exgiration aats of a11 okher licenees issued. Seconaea by Noore/ Carried. <br />Fd.A.Olson again appeared Before %he council regarding his application for license to sell 3.2 beer in his new res- tanrant in the Edina 9IlXhbatre building. It Ras fomd t3at according to Paragraph 5 of Section VI of cur oraisanee that a party making Bpplicatioll for a license mast have been in business for 8 6 monthq periosZ. withe same location prior to such application. AbtCormey Strong for 8 suggested modification of the above requ3remant. <br />. <br />The matter was referred to Tillage <br />Ekssers Greg8 ana Erickson appearred before the Council regarding the traffic contiition at Vest EiOfih St. ana 2rance - <br />Ape., especially ahce the new theatre has bsen opened. <br />The matter Fas referrea to the Pclice Ccmfttee Kith inatruetiom tp provide and insta31%top1t signs a%'tIi% 'SI7 ah& pi- OgmPrs cf tihe intersection and *%lo Sarking signanbetween Tiest 49th St ana Vest 51st Sf on Prance Ave and on both Sides of Jest 50eh Sf; from the intersecficn to a point 100 feet weat of the vest line of the theatre building. The territory with the '*Eo parking signs to have a 88 minute parking limit. <br />Recoraer Uoore reported that the Uinneapolis Zorthfield and Soulhem Ry Co had agree& to contribute fj300.00 towarits the openine; of Azcadia Awe from Hopkins Road to the Eden Praiftie <br />Boad on account of abandoning ana closing up of the old wocaen briageover the Rai%vay Coy s tracks.The Railxay a1sQ agrees to install and maintainfor all time barricades after the bridge ia taken out. piloveti by Prescott that offer be a accepteit. Seoonaeci by i7ilsm. Carriea. <br />Eovea by Tlillson that the application of the Borthvestern Bell Telephone Clo fcr permission $0 lay 165 feet of mdergrom3 cable and place one anchor on Vest 49th St at Brooksiae Am <br />be granted, SecondeB by Presaott. Carried. <br />&love8 by Villaon that %he application of .the Uorthlrestern Bell Telephone Co for permissi0n to place 6 poles and trb onetree on west 60th St betseen Concord and %E.Johns &ire ana place one tmchor on Coneor& irire-St ,I;rs$t 60th 3%. ana one pole on ,rest 59th <br />Sf. betasen Ashcroft Live ana St Johns Ave be granteb Seconde'd <br />by Prescott. Carried. <br />Uoved by Prescott that the pagroll advanctea for the second Half of August 1934 be BllOtwd, a2iik-w '~d'ri_caD~a^b3~he~~~~~~~ <br />Hoeea by Prescott that $he following bills be allowed at this meeti-n@;; Seiberling Rubber Co- 2 tires and bne tube for tlre village truelr $35.51 and Nimehaha Gran 8 for rent8 for the pariod frcm Jaw 1st to July 1st 1934* &2/00. Seconded by ir'Jillson. Carrie a. <br />'The minutes of the regular meeting held Aug 13th were read <br />and on mofiion bg Erescott were approved as read. <br />by Villson, Carriea <br />6 <br />book. Seconaea bg Villson, Carried. <br />'I Seeontied <br />Bo further busineas appearbg before the council mo$ion vas maae to aajourn at 10:451rE?Zd.