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fii$nu$t;a% ef the regular meeting sf <br />%he Cotzncil ~f fihe Village of Edina <br />held in hhe Grange Hall at 8 Pi on <br />56 <br />t Sept 24th 1934. <br />I <br />Ihe meeting was callea to order by the President and all members were present exeept Recordm Eoore, who is still codined to his home by illness. <br />i&.Belverton, resiaent of Eaina living in Llinneapolis appeama before the Couneil and advised that he was being forced to move back to Edina account of being back in his ren4. He was advised that the Pillage voula nct move him back a8 it was up to the City and that the Village ~ould expect the City to pay the first months rent. <br />requested assibfame as he had been orasred out of the house account <br />back 19 rent. lhvestigat;ion shows that both Er.BmeFs parents asd <br />his wifers jpople seem to be in position to he2p out. assistance mas theref ore denied. I <br />Application for building permi$ Ea8 received from Anton Duoos for awlling at 4502 BImrlma Ave. Moved Blackbum and seoondea by Villaon that permit be granted, Carried. <br />Letter application for building permit was received from Fhorpe Bras with check for ($2.00 for buflaing permits far Gar1 E.Hmaen to <br />, <br />I <br />W,Lane, living h~ one of Elizebeh Doekens houses appear& a& <br />Tillage <br />1 <br />I I <br />build awelilngs at 4607 aoorlsna AVQ ana 4531 Bruse Ave. aooea Blackbum that permits be granted seconaea by Villson. Uarried. <br />Blackbnm agreed to secure the regular applications properly f 5llea out. <br />Village Attorney Strcng appeared before the Comcil relative to designating tP;o corners of the intersection of \?est 50th St and France <br />dve as "Stopnstreets ana bfining certain areas as "30 minutert parking areas. the Test ZifG-df;t'Ere- Edttia-$heatke~bu3X~~ to %he-.easLline o&the %heatre building be designate& 88 a tll10 FAREIXQ SPAOW; a& %hat from the cas% line of the theatre builaing to France Ave be designated as <br />lT%?EfBm EIBQI?E PARXIDG SPACE1'; and that the north side of Vest 50th S$ from Hrance Ave to a point oppQsite the vesf; lhe of the theatre buildingbe designated as a lT!E€IR~Y IiIm2!E ~ARICIIXG S2ACE11; and that France Ave approaching on Besf; 5mE St;. frqm the .rues% be designated as a *gSIO.P S21L&E21* ana that Best 50th Sf; azproachbg fram the north on Prance Ave be aesigaated as a nS2pOP S'PREEI"?; and that the Police Committee be given authority to purchase and hstall the neoessaq metal sips. Seconaed by TJillson. Carrie&. <br />license to sell non-intoxicatbgmalt liquors a% 3915 i7ese 58eh Sf; in the Edina 2haatre building mas received. License to run from O-ct 1st <br />1934 to April 1st 1935 vith fee set at $12.50, &loved Blackbum that license be granted, secmaed by Nillaon, Carrfea. <br />of the V.H.Biegler COO aavfsed the council that it vou3.a <br />I <br />firovea by Blackbum tihat the s&u%h a$de oi? I'Jost fi0t;k 8% fr@n <br />I I I <br />Application from Zilliarn A.61son in regular form for OB premises <br />I <br />60 overhaul the catierpilles ma grit it in shap3. <br />I <br />?!he Llidlana Hational Bank reqnestea that it be permitea to sub- Nove8 PillSrozL s-b$tute bonds POT hela! by the Pederal Reserve Bank, that the Qreasuer be given authority to arrange fof subs%%tution of $9OeSO of 3 3/86 Zrearsnrg! bonats of 1947/43 EOW held by the Peaera1 <br />. Reserve Bank Kith $9000 OF lLv112$,'U.d Treasury n0f;erj ane 9/15/36. seconded Bla~kbur& ~arriea. . <br />on Cascade was received and hela over until Recorkier Noore vas able to attend the rneet3ngs. <br />aoved by Blackbarn that %he QC aeea dated ~ug 29th 1934 from Bemepin Cozzn$y covering the triangular piece cf grouna lylszg betveera t%e old Eden Prairie Road and the Hopkhs Road an& the Belt Line <br />Highvay ri.fiioh was sueeessfully nsgotiatea fua 'by Becorder Boore be <br />accepted ana placed on file. Secondea by \?illson: Carrie&. <br />I <br />r , <br />I better froin Albert Graber regarding bill for Et3giyEeerhg semhes <br />f I I <br />\