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60 <br />The Road and Village Bills upon being duly examined and <br />found correct vere on motion 17illson be allowed and <br />ordered pi2.d. Seconded by Prescott and carried. They are as follovs: $ <br />R. J. Johnson Street Commissioner $$llO.OO <br />S. J. Roberts Utility man 100.00 Peter Dahlgren Tractor operator 101.20 <br />Louis Stolzman Labor 81.00 John Tracy Labor nith team 27.20 John Tracy Labor 72.00 J. H. Snavely Park labor 36.00 <br />Francis Bradley Truck 100.75 P. A Redpath Village Marshall 125.00 <br />T. E. Tilly Police Officer 125.00 <br />V. S. Xeydt Police Officer 100.00 0. E. Spande Bal pay as police officer 22.00 D. F. LkGuire P r e s i dent 35.00 J. J. Duggan Treasurer 25.00 L. R. Blackburn Trustee 25.00 <br />Geo. A. Tillson Trustee 25.00 <br />Trustee 25.00 C. F. Prescott <br />Ben B. Zoore Recorder 75.00 <br />Dr. L. E. Cam-pbell Village Health Officer 25.00 <br />Win. Kroll 7. SO <br />Thos. Goble Lab ox 3.60 <br />A. Hendricks .Labor 7.20 E. Bever sdorf f Labor 3.60 <br />Art Peterson Lzbor with truck 190.00 81447.35 Total Road and Bills <br />The rninutes of tne regular meetinp of the Council held on <br />Septemner 24, 1934 Taere read on motion Blackburn they be <br />approved as read. Seconded by Pillson and carried. <br />It vas moved Blackburn that tnis meeting adJourn unxii October 15, 1934, to meet at %ne same time and place. Ltozion seconded by Zoore end carried. <br />There oeing no furcner business to come before the Council <br />motion to adjourn carried at 11:45 PLI. <br />L hi t, *' Village hecorder <br />Xinutes of 7jne adjourned :fleeting of tne Council of tne Villsge of Edina. neld on Octooer 15, 1Y34 <br />Tne meeting mas called $0 order by tae Presidend ;kn Grange <br />Hz11 after ahhh the meeting reconvened at the home of the <br />Recorder, 4605 Tooddale Ave. All inembers of tne Council were present, togetner rrith Cr. Strong, Village Attorney, <br />and Ueesrs. H. 7. Dam and Q. H. IJcNezl, representing . <br />Elinnenaila Grange. Tne purpose of the zeeting being to enter into a discussion as to the terms and conditions nnicn migat <br />be entered Into Petween tne Village of Edina as omers of tne triangular gjiece of land bounded by tne Hopkins Road, Eden <br />Prairie Road and Belt Line Highnay, and Hinnehaha Grance as <br />the ovners of the Grange Hall. <br />After discussion of the verious term and conditions which <br />might be ihcluded into a lease, the matter nas left vith <br />Village Attorney, Ur. Strong to prepare a necessary lease <br />which would be referred. to the next meetiBg of the Village Council to be held an October 22. <br />On-motion the meeting to adjourn at 10:30 PX. <br />&3!LWJ%h* <br />Village Reborder'