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65 <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, on November 26, 1934 <br />Th.e meeting was called to order by the President and all members of the Council were found present. <br />The amount of the Treasucer's Bond for the year 1935 was <br />discussed by the Council after which it was moved Black- <br />burn that the Village Treasurer's Bond to the Village of <br />Edina. for the year 1935 be set at $7500.00 and that the <br />Recorder notify the American Surety Corporation accord- <br />ingly. Motion was seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />The zoning of the triangular piece of land omed by the Village and bounded by Hopkins, Eden Prairie and Belt <br />Line Highway next came before the Council. Due notice having been posted pursuant to a Resolution adopted by <br />the Council of the Village of Edina, that a public hear- ing would be held on November 26, 1934 in Grange Hall at 8 PM at which time and place the proposition to add <br />"Grange Hallff to us86 perscribed in "Open Development <br />Districtc1 of the Zoning Ordinance of Edina. After proper hearing and discussion, Trustee BaBckburn offered the <br />following amendment and moved its adoption, seconded by Prescott: and carried by affirmative vote of all members. <br />"An Ordinznce amending an Ordinance of the Village <br />of Edina, Hennepin County-, Minnesota, entitled <br />The Zoning Ordinance of Edina, passed by the Council of said Village on the 25th dag of May, <br />1931. <br />The Council of the Village of Edina, do ordain: Section 111, that paragraph Itall of said Section <br />be and is breby ammended so as to include in <br />the uses prescribed in the Open Development <br />District, of the Zoning Ordinance of Edina, that of "Grange Hall. It <br />The matter of moving the Grange Hal1 building froin the <br />present site on Wooadale Axenue and West 5058 Street on <br />and along public highways was discussed. It was moved <br />by Blackburn that Minnehaha Grange #398 cleposit a certi- fied check payable to the Treasurer of the of <br />Edina in amount of $500.00 with t'he President of the UoEtncil to protect tha Village from any liability what- ever in connection with the moving of the Grange Hall building on and along public highways in the Village of <br />Edina, check to be returned as soon as the building would be off the public highways. and carried, ..... Motion se,conded by Prescott <br />Ir$ wa6 moved by Prescott that the bids be requested for <br />the purchase of one automobile truck chassis with steel <br />cab according to the following specifications: <br />1.- two (2) t0n.j.140~~ wheel base truck chassis with <br />all steel cab and having L head type engine, 6 cyl- inders, 80 HP., with alloy steel valve seat inserts, Required torgue 170 lbs. ft. at 1200 RPM, hydraulid <br />drive shaft, five (5) forward transmission speeds, <br />full floating type rear axle ai th ad justable tapered <br />roitler bearings, malleable iron spoke type wheels <br />with duals,in rear, 700/20 8 ply truck balloon tires mounted on 6" rims. <br />. Special equipment to include auxiliary springs, engine <br />temperature and oil pressure guages on dash. Duplex oil back air cleanba?, oil filter. Engine governor <br />set at 45 MPH, spare rim and tire carrier, full tool <br />set. Color to be State Highway Orange. <br />service brakes with cast iron drums, handbrake on 'r <br />* . 2 <br />c