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77 <br />Emtes of the regular meeting <br />of the Council of the Village of <br />Edim, held in the Tract Office, <br />4409 Vfes't 49%h, Street, a% 8 PX <br />Ollli P&ER~~~.KL%~ 1935 e <br />T&en the Cauncil endeavored to convene on above date for the pwipose of holding its 'regular meeting in Grange Half, <br />2% was f omd that the house or building mavers, to VJ~OEI the contract for moving the Grange Hall. 4;o the new site at <br />.'ies.t; EehL Line E-Iigbway, the Hopkins and Eden Prarie Roads, were enjoying the first favorable weather for house moving in %he last several mom'cr?s and that the building was on rollers and could not be occupied, It was thereupon <br />decided to hold the regular meeting in the Tract Office <br />and the Village Barshall posted at the old site to inform or convey any and all who might desire to attent the meking, <br />Xinnekaha Grange Hall vm,s erected on the site kaovm today <br />2s \Vest 50th Street and Wooddale Avenue, County Road No, 2, <br />back in the older days, and vas built irz 9879, The meeting <br />to consider the proposition Lo separate from the VPlLege of Richfield, as well as the neetirrg of incorporation following, <br />all were held in Grange Hall v:hich also has served as 8 meetlng <br />place for the Village Council during more than fifty five (55) years which followed e The Hall stood an the South East corner and was one of the four buildings making up the fine <br />settlement of Edina NillS. The other three bnildings having <br />been the General Store and Post Office, a Blacksmith and mgon <br />- or carrzige shap and the OM Red 3Iilf. <br />. The meetirslg in the Tract Office was called to order by the <br />President and all members of the CQPXH~C~~. were presento <br />The miscellaneous bills upon being duly examined and found correctp were on motion Blackburn, be a1lQwed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by WilJ.sora aizd carri~d. They are as Toltloas- <br />Yotmg Fuel Cornpamy EBA Coal $34.60 Geo L. Trisler EBA Groceries 10.72 A.G .Price ERA Rent 10 000 <br />- Eederson Bras ERA &Elk ?e68 A.C .Price ERA Rent (November) 10 000 Carl Olson Grocery ERA Groceries 2L46 B.k.XeIson Dry Goods Go ERA Clothing 44034 <br />Phi lpott -Bai ley Co ERA Coal 17,30 <br />Etby tk Sather ERA Payment OD Furniture 5e00 <br />Edina Cash Grocery ERA Grocertes <br />T?, E, Ziegler 60 Repair pasts tractm: 1;-28.77 <br />City af Einneapolis Fire Dept, Service 13 32 <br />Thorpe Brop In@, Rent Tract Office Jan. . <br />and telephone toll calls Jme to December 5P8t, 14,25 <br />triooddske Grocery Gas for truck Ec tractor 12,92 <br />Biller-Davis Ca Office supplies 3,25 Eennepiw! County Review Verified Blanks and <br />Lyle Signs, hc ExchaEgbg 30 minut e <br />Parking signs (141 7.00 E, We Harris Gas 8c Oil for tractars, <br />truck 8c Poxice car 142 74 A.V.Skog, Reg, of Deeds Recording Deed Henraepin <br />County to Village of <br />Edina, JO~XBQK~ triangle <br />& Comm,Highways orde <br />. Osacr Hokehson EEiA Milk 2,40 FrankfG Creamery Assn ERA Milk 3e04 <br />8086 <br />Alfred Boh (Carver ,Mim] ERA Rent (NOT &- Dec) 16 000 Anton Xielson Creamery Go WA XiIk L,35 <br />Edina Peed Ca Salt 6 Hzuling 7 020 <br />EFlA Adninistrakion January BRA Overhead 19000 <br />C .A.Eimdquist Blacksmithing 46000 <br />PtibPished no tic es 29035 <br />Total Eiscl, expenditures <br />0