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finutss of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of %dim, held <br />in the Tract Office, 4409 Best 49%hh, <br />Street, on Pebruary 25, 1935 at 8 We <br />The meeting was 'called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present, <br />The Road and Village bills upon being examined and found <br />correct, were on motion Prescott be allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Willsor~ and carriede They are as follows <br />R m Je JO~SOXL, <br />S. J, Roberts P. Dahlgren. <br />Le S-t;olzman <br />Jah Tracy <br />John Tracy <br />Albert Bendricks <br />Dennis EcCauley <br />P. A. Redpath <br />5, E, Tilly <br />W. S . Heydt <br />Albert Graber <br />St, Commissioner <br />Utility man <br />Tractor speraGor <br />Road labor <br />Labor with team <br />Road labor <br />Road labor L~IIOP & truck <br />Village Earshall <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />941.i5. <br />50 o00. <br />4P.80 <br />30e60. <br />39 0 120 <br />9 .oo <br />7.20 <br />10 .oo <br />60 .oo <br />60 eo0 <br />50,oo Engineering ox Ell Pond <br />(Xiillman 8~- ~amsom surveys) 41,50 Police car 8r: truck 33035 poor rexiefi C/S/X -kc? 6/19/33 14.00 <br />Total @H7 *7O <br />TLr 6, T. Hay, appeared on behalf of the Hay B Stenson eo,, <br />for renewal of Off Sale Hard Liquor license, whereupon it <br />was moved by Blackburn, Tkat the Hard Liquor Off Sale License <br />of the Eay & Stenson Company, be renewed, seconded by VJlllillson <br />and carried. <br />Trustee Presco'tt, presented the matter of clain by the <br />Ma-tional Tea Company, in amount $1LLeG09 covering graceries furnished Rose Cote, 4315 Vest 54th Street, during the period <br />6/29/33 to 8/19/33, afker duscussion, it was moved Prescott, it be allowedg seconded Uoore and carried, <br />Xr E, VJm Darr, appeared before the Council, in the matter of <br />the lease to certain part of the triangle'of land 'bounded <br />by the Belt Line Highway, the Eden Prairie Road and The <br />Hogkins Road. The lease prepared by Village Attorney Strong, <br />was read aloud whereupon it was moved Prescott, "that it be apjroved and accepted and the Presiderat and Recorder be <br />au-tharized and empowered to sign same for and in behald of <br />%he Village Council, seconded by Blackburn and carried with <br />five (5) ayes and no nays, and so Orderedo <br />Itxm Yooved Ellson that the bill of Country Club Garage, in amount $33035 be allowed and ordered paid, seccmded By &*escott <br />and carriedo <br />Nirilates of the regular meeting of the Council held on February <br />11, 1935, nzlrre read, an motion Blackburn, they be approved as <br />read seconded Prescott and carried <br />& of $he regular meeting of the Council held on Bebruary <br />18, 1935, were read, on motion Willsoa they be approved as read <br />seconded Prescott and carriedo <br />No further business to come before the CouncLl motiam to adJourn to meet next at the Granhe Hall at the new location, carried <br />at 10.15 P& <br />Village Recorder,