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Minutes of the re-lar meeting of <br />the aouncil of the Village of. Edina <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, on June 10, 1935 <br />'I <br />I <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, and all members of the Council were present. <br />The Road hnd Village Bills, upon being duly examined and found correct were on motion Willson, be allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Blackburn and carried. They ar.e as follows: <br />D. F. McGuire . President $35.00 Geo. A. Willson Trustee 25 . 00 L.. R. Blackburn Trustee 25.00 <br />0. F. Prescott Trustee 25.00 J. J. Duggan Treasurer 25.00 Ben B. Noore Recorder 75.00 Dr. L. M. Oarnpbell Health Officer 25.00 - P. A. Redpath Mars hall 125.00 T. E. Tilly Police Officer 125.00 <br />W. S. Heydt Police Officer 100 . 00 R. J. Johnson Street Commissioner 50.75 S. J. Roberts Utility man 100.00 Peter Dahlgren Tractor operator 92.40 L. Stolzman Labor 77.40 John Tgacy Labor with team 122 . 00 Albert Hendricks Labor 33.30 Elmer Walker Labor . 37.35 Francis Bradley Labor with truck 93.60 Matt Beversdorf Labor 5.85 Hprold McRellis Labor 1.80 Geo. Jutting Labor 14.40 J. H. Snavely Labor 81.75 4rt hur Peters on Labor with truck. 185.00 Sam Nelson Labor 7.20 John Benson Labor 7.20 Denni 8 EBcCauley Labor 3.00 <br />$1498.00 <br />The Miscellaneous Bills, upon being duly examined and <br />found correct were on motion Prsscott, be allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Blackburn and carried. They are as follows: <br />Total Road and Village Bills <br />Hanson Booth Pharmacy ERA drugs 10.80 Harris Oil Station ERA fuel 1.40 Mrs. Oscar Hokenson ERA milk 2.04 Dr. A. H. Palerich ERA dental service 4.00 Nelson Shoe Store ERA clothing 2.50 Northland Hilk,Ice CreamCo.ERA %ilk 7,14 <br />Carl Olson Grocery ERA groceries 23.33 Pederson Bros. Dairy ERA milk 9.54 Philpott-Bailey GO. ERA $&el 8.90 Wooddale Grocery ERA groceries 5.75 Young Fuel Co. ERA fuel 17.17 Edina Cash Grocery ERA groceries 34.07 Anderson Bros. Dry Goods ERA clothing 2.50 W. L, Sterling ERA rent 30.00 <br />Jasper Jasperson Gravel 68.96 <br />Country Club Store Painting supplies 3.46 Uinn. Tree Service Feeding trees 62.81 <br />Bob White Mills, Inc. Fertilizer 63 . 45 Borey Shell Service Greasing truck 4,90 Edina Garage, Inc . Welding & prts 7.24 Hennepin County Review Minutes May 13 10.80 <br />Ohas. Miller & Son Hdw. Repai r s 1.. 00 City of Minneapolis Fire service 31.00 <br />W. R. Miemann Hardware supp li e s 12.66 E. W. Harris Gas-oil, tractor,truck police car 114.17 VBllege St. Louis Park ERA sewing expense 3.52 ERA May overhead 17.00 <br />Dockens Grocery Store ERA groceries 4.55 <br />Edina Grocery St@plies . 1.35