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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina <br />held in Grange Hall at 8 PM, on July 22, 1935. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President,. roll was called and all meabers of the Council were present. <br />Ur. Samuelson, who had supervised previous road oiling <br />jobs for the Village, appeared on request and on behalf of the Craig Company with reference to furlhishing oil and suprvising the proposed work on 44th Street from <br />Brookside Avenue to Tooddale Avenue, Brookside Avenue <br />from Highmy 169 to north Village limits, biackey Avenue, Thielm Avenue, Vest 50 St., Bromndale Avenue to Highvay <br />90, and advised the oiling couxd be done for approximately 6@ per gallon for road oil applied, axid 9$ per gallon for cut back a-sphalt applied. and Bridge Committee be authorized to proceed with the oiling of the a-bove named streets. Uotion seconded by TJillson and carried. <br />Lir. Burdett apzeared before the clouncil and demonstrated safety lmps for emergency uses by the police and road <br />workmen. Vhereupon it was moved Blackburn that two such <br />lsmps be purchased for the police car at $5.00 each. Uotion seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />Application in form for building permit by g!n. S. Heydt to build an addition to private dwelling on lot 5, block <br />2, Tingdale Addition, at an estimated cost of $1000.00, <br />vas on motion Prescott, be granted, seconded by i"Jil1son and carried. <br />On motion Eoore the Road <br />Application in form for building permit by W. Loyd melson to build a priva.te dwelling on lot I, Theilen'a Brookside, <br />costing approximately $6000.00, mas on motion Prescott, be granged, seconded by Moore and carried.. <br />Applica.tion in fom for building permit by E. H. Shursen to build a private dwelling on lot 8, block 8, Browndale <br />Park, at an estimated cost of $5000.00, was. on motion Blackburn, be granted, seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Application in forrfl for building permit by E. J. Heseman to build an addition to private dwelling, 4505 Browndale Avenue, costing approxima,tely $2200.00, and accompanied by the usual building pemit and QClean-upf'ServiceM fees, mas on motion Blackburn, be granted, seconded by Prescott a.nd carsi ed. <br />Application in form for Building permit by Carl WeFtertserg <br />to build an attached garage addition to house on Ut 2, block 4, Code's Highview Park, costing approxirmtely <br />$250.00, vas on mo'cion Villson, be granted, seconded by <br />Blackburn and carried. <br />Application by the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company to set one pole and reaove one pole on Halifax Avenue south of Vest 50 St., in order to eliminate a bad condi- tion at tine drivewa.y into the oil station at the corner <br />of 50 St. and Halifax Avenue, was on motion Villson, be granted, seconded by Blackburn and. carried. <br />The Recorder advised the Council that bathing or swimming <br />*mas being indulged in, in the Mill Pond north of 50 St., that the premises were not supervised, and that the Mill Pond contained many deep holes and drop-offs, in addition to the quality of the water not being fit for bathing purposes. Vhereupon it was moved Blackburn that the police officers be inetructed to keep closer watch on <br />the IJill Pond 2nd forbid anyone and everyone against using sarfle for bathing or sviming purposes. Eotion <br />seconded by ldoore z.nd carried.