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An adjou-rned meting of the Council was called by <br />President XcGuire and mas held in the Tract Office on <br />August 29, 1335 zt 3 PE. <br />After discussion nnd due consideration of vFrious projectf <br />PS lipted and located in and ?bout the Villzge of Edina, <br />it ms ciloved PrezcDtt that projzcts af a rim bridge be <br />built over E'innehphq Creek oil Yooddsle Avenue; tine in- stzlhtion of e storm mater sewer end catch %spine in <br />md nlong Arden Avenue fror& Sunnyzide Rod to Bridge <br />Stre~t; the demolishing of and salvzging of building inateri8ls of the old Edina School building:, Jogether with <br />paciinE s"nd filling of land, if and when nrrmpd for nith tne School Board of District #l?; End that the creek bed <br />be lendscaped, graded znd planted on both Sides of Linne- <br />haha Creek f~om 52nd to 54%h Streets on tine ov~ned t~elve acre trzctpe set up as WA projects znd tGkthe <br />President and Recorder be znd are hereby zu'chorized to sign the neceseary p8pers on behslf of the Village Coun- <br />cil. Lotion we eeconded by Elockburn znd unanimouPly carried. <br />Recorder Loore offered the folloninp RePolution and moved; <br />its adoption: <br />Be it resolvFd by tble Co~mon Comncil <br />TYAT PreFid-ent end Recorder be end ?re authorized to execute and file zn z.pplication on behelf of The <br />Vill~ge of Edino to the United Stetes of A.cieriCa. for <br />a loan 2nd grant to aid in fiwnuing the conetzxction of a CofiiaunitTr Center and Village Hslll Bwilding. <br />TLlkT Pillsbury Xngipeering Colapany ie hereby zut'h- <br />orized and directed to furniph Puch informtion PF the <br />Wii-ted States of kerica through the Fedem1 E'ilergenCy AdriinistrFtion of Public Vorks my reasoneblg request in conriection nith the application nhich ie herein <br />authorized. to be filed. <br />Lotion to adopt vas aeconeed by Trustee Bl;.cl:bvrn, the qiJ,p&:.i;icsn ceing 7qon the adoption of the Resolution. The <br />roll ias czllcd, -!herein. there nere four ayes pnd no naye <br />rnd PO the Regolutim FIEF adopted. <br />Eo further bu@ineP.e to '.o~q,le before the Council, cilotion to adjourn czrrieb at 1O:Z.O PU.- <br />Villsge Recorder