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Uiqutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina <br />kieild in Grange Hall at 8 PH, on <br />October 14, 1935. <br />I <br />The meeting was called to order by the President and all members were present. <br />Messrs. Nash, McNally, Niller, and Chief Peterson of the <br />Hopkins Fire Department again appeared before the Council <br />regarding Chapter 280, of the Lams of 1935, relating to <br />the so-caJled Fire Insurance Tax. Trustee Blackburn, to whom the rna,tter was referred at the previous meeting of <br />the Council, reported that the Village Attorney nad ad- vised the Council could not contract to pay the Hopkins <br />Fire Department the entire 2% so long as there are sev- <br />eral contracts by the several Fire Departments serving <br />the Village of Edina. After further discussion, it was <br />moved Eoore that the matter be re-referred to Trustee <br />Blackburn, seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />IV. J. Oxboro: appeared before the Council on behalf of <br />one Wm. Daws, a British subject, 76 years old, and having lived in the Village of Edina some fifteen years, seid’Daws being destitu*e and in need of some kind of <br />public relief. On account of the party not being a <br />citizen of the United States, it was moved Moore that <br />the case be referred to the Village Attorney for his <br />advice and recommendation. Notion seconded by IVillson and carried. <br />Mr. Tuscany appeared before the Council regarding a <br />building permit for a draelling proposed to be built on lot 11, Auditors Subdivision 172. Upon investigation, it mas found 16t 11 to be a small triangular piece of land left over at the time Sunnyside Road was extended <br />from Arden Avenue northeasterly toward France Avenue. <br />It was estimated the plat contained about 1500 square feet less than it required for a building lot under the <br />Zoning Ordinance and that it would not be possible to set <br />the proposed new building back from the street so it <br />would line up with other dwellings on both Grimes Avenue <br />as’well as Sunnyside Road. Ur. Tuscany was therefore advised that the Council was without power to issue a <br />building permit in this case. <br />Trustee Zoerger and Supt. Glover, on behalf of Indepen- <br />dent School District 17, appeared before the Council in <br />a formel request for building permit to add to and <br />complete the present Public School building .located in <br />block 16, and Wooddale and West 50 Street. After a <br />study of the Zoning Ordinance and in as much as block 16 <br />Bromn Section, Country dlub District was not restricted <br />by Thorpe Bros. and upon the advice and coun@E?lb of Village Attorney, Mr. Strong, it was moved Moore that <br />the application for building permit to build a. two story <br />addition to the present school building according to <br />plans and specifications by Sund and Dunham, Architects, estimated cost, $104,238.00, be granted, and the usual <br />building permit fee be not charged, and that the school <br />board be given permihsion to use such public property <br />under the control of the Council of the Village of Edina <br />as might be necessary and expedient. Eotion seconded by Blackburn and unanimously carried. <br />Mr. -Oscar Gaarden appeared before the Council and advised <br />he had purchased the major interest in the Country Club District Service Corporation operating the water and sewer systems in the Village of Edina &nd advised that <br />his .present improvement program $&led for the install- <br />ation of one 1611 d‘eep well and a 45000 gallon settling <br />basis5 a 10 x 18. P-mp hou_se* -- J with two Booster pumps. <br />The capacity of the deep well pump at 900 gallons per minute, or approximately twice the rnanlmum demand at the