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$53. <br />Mihutes of the regular meeting of <br />the CouncSI of the Village of mina, held in the %?act Office, 4409 ti, 49th Street, March 23, 1936. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, all members were present . <br />The minutes of he regular meeting of the Council held on Narch 9, 1936, were read, on motion Willson they be approved as read, seconded by Prescott and carP%&a, <br />Dr. Campbell, Village Healtih Officer, reported on the <br />Nash cancer case at 4147 Lyndale Ave. No,, ana that he would further check if a legal resident of the Village of &ina, Dr. Camphell reported also on the Vanatta and Slavin cases at $3.327 Oak Grove Street. <br />In discussing the water situation, Dr. Campbell presen- <br />ted a letter by Dr. Che"sLey, State Eealth Officer, citing <br />the requirements for a softening plant under regulation number 200 , <br />On further discussion by he Council on the water situa- tion, it was moved Blackburn that the Recorder write UAr. Oscar harden, calling his attention to Regulation #200 of the State Board of Health and also that the water be tested at least every two weeks or in accordance with the requirements of the State Board of Health, and that the question of chlorination be given immediate .attention, all in accordance with the requirements of the State Board <br />of Health, Motion seconded by Moore and carried. <br />In view of the fact that the Country Club District Service Company had been opening up streets for the repair of its water and sewer pipes, it was suggested by Trustee Black- burn that the Country Club District Service Company furnish <br />the Village of mina liability bond in amount of V25,OOO.OO protecting the Village against any and a11 claims, and/or injuries due to repairing and tearing up of streets. <br />Vi. A, Tuscany desired certain information with reference to the location of buildings on the lot at 4846 France Avenue wMbh on motion Hoore be referred to the Village Enginaer , <br />The Road examined and <br />ordered paid, including bill for repairs to truck generator by Carl Johnson, in amount 89.12. Motion seconded by viill- <br />son and carried. <br />be a'ltilowed and <br />The Council discussed the change of eertain ordinances, whereupon it was moved Moore that the license fee to oper- ate a motion picture thaa%re in the Village of Edina be changed from $50.00 to $75,00 per annum. <br />by Blackburn and carried, <br />Trustee Blackburn offered the following amendment $0 the Intoxication Liquor Ordinance and moved its adoption: <br />Motion seconded <br />The Village Council of the Village of Edina do ordain as follows: <br />Section 4, Fees, reading as follows: The annual fke for an "on-sale" license shall be 8100.00, is hereby changed to read as follows: The annual Tee for an "on-sale" license to private and in- corporated clubs in accordance with state regu- lations for private clubs shall be the sum of <br />~100.00. <br />The annual fee %oran "off-sale" license, reading, The annual fee for an "off-sale" license shall be the sum of $100.00. <br />This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from