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I Xinutea of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Blina, held in the Grange Hall on April 27, 193 at 8 PN. <br />The meeting vas called to order by the President, the roll vas <br />called and all members of the Counc3.l viere present. <br />Yb <br />The Boad Crew and Polfee QffiCerS time book m8 studied after which it wae moved Prescott the usual semi monthly advanaettir <br />be made, seconded by Blackburn and carriedr <br />Trustee Yillssn presented an estimate of cost for relief for the month of Nay 1936, of $627.42. <br />B J. F. Bkltand, presented a pencil sketch showing several <br />acres of land. located to the Ei2st of the Eibst line of the Country Club Distr2ct at Brfdge Street. After d~scussion and due to <br />the fact €here rms no deffnate plan or plat of the 40 acre, so called Bird tract, the matter ims held over for future consider- ation. <br />Xessrs Dah9 and Norse, appeared regarding- the set back for dem2b- fnge they propomd to build on Lot5 15, 16 and 17 in Bloc& 6, South Harriet Park Addition. After due discussion it was agreed <br />a 35 foot set bck eas permissable if agreeable to present res- idents in the same block and zms left with Trustee Vil2son to handle <br />Xessrs Vilkfnson, Vennwa and Latham, on behalf of the Playg~o-da <br />Committee ~f the Cotlnt,Ty Club Association, appeared before the Council regarding -the acquisition of the prkvately ovmed; parcels of land in Block 16, being a15, the l&nd En said Block 16 not <br />owned 5ry the School District and estimated to coat $20,000.80. <br />The Council. assured the Committee of its trlllingnesrr to me.?; <br />with the School Board at its next regular meeting. <br />Dr Chandler and E& Hunter, presented a prelininary petftion re- <br />questing the installation of a sanitary sewer on \Tooddale Avenue, from 54th Street to 50 .tho Streets. The petition vas rekurned <br />wi%h the request that a majority of the frontage be represented <br />on the petition Including that of Thorpe &OS. <br />Approximatea SO residents of the Village had assembled at this <br />meeting seeking 'def inate information regarding the domestic iirater <br />sUPBay Er Ralph Beckwith stated be believed Sirsf consfder- ation should be given the matter of safe =tar to use* Village <br />Health Officer Dr-Campbelf. suggested that Brownel1 of the State Board of Heal$h was present and that he be heard. - <br />ET Bromell stated that no plans had been approved by the State Board and that the installation in its preeent condition did no% conr;ply with the sanitary rules e,nd requirements of the State Board of Health. I3.r Brormell suggested that plan8 be prepared for approval, that the open pit around the i7e11 casing be filled <br />in, that the sanitary sever fiommanhale of old sewage disposal plant &at to Wooddale Avenue, re re-located along old Vest 50th. Street to Yooddale Avenue, that some means be employed to increase the pressure and that chlorinating apparatus be instarled as a safeguardto health and to kill the iron bacteria in the water <br />mhich e,xperience shoved usually grows worse * Xr Brormell fur- %her stated in his opinion the we21 vas not 100% safe wter for human.consumpt%on and that it might have cantamina%ion at ant time After considerable discussion Xr Stanley GrEey asked <br />Er Ga&rden, if he would be milling to le$ the Council write a Rider to the present franchiee to inaure purity and adequate pressure of the mater at a3;1 times to mhfch PJr Gsarden replied, <br />"He saw no reason for not entering into such an &rrangementfla Reimnn suggesbd that it be the sense of .this meeting "that an emergency in the domestfc water supply exists and that means <br />be taken to remedy the swe at once*I. T.'uc Gray suggested the <br />advishaility of Eh- Gaarden meeting mith a $ater Committee and <br />\ <br />1 <br />t <br />*. <br />I <br />I <br />the Council at an early date, all-of which was agreed to unaminousw