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&Iinutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Comcik of the Village of Edina, held <br />on Iffay 26, 1936, in Grange Ha21 at 8 PZL <br />The rneeti~g nas.csl,lcd to order By the P:esldsh$; the roll rPgs <br />caXXod an6 aPl,membcra of the CaunciX were found present except Trustee giXLlson h~~1 qWcte/-, = <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the Council he3d an %y <br />11, 1936, were read, On motion Blackburn they be approved a8 read, seconded by Prescott apd carriedo <br />Jhk C, D, Cfilkinson and others, appeared before the CounciE stating <br />a definate propasali had been received from Thorpe Brase, pertalnirrg to the purchase of the privately owned lands in Block lljB 17hieh <br />vas now offered at $$21.500,00, The Prealdent suggested the Council vould be glad to meet wfth the School Board and others <br />for further discussion of the matter and wbieh 'J'sllkismsort pro- <br />mised to arrange, A letter on behalf of Thorpe Bras,, mitten <br />by. Mr Hewhall and dated May IG:, 1936, to the Corttzcil and SchooX <br />Board was also read and caritainad a similar propositLola to that <br />presented by the Committee, <br />(I .. <br />EBessrs Parksp Allison, Eryndlsson:, CoveBl,Zatham, Larson and Gray Were presenti to object tQ %he opening U-p Of Bridge Street, %St of the East Lime of the Country Club District as a serious traffic <br />hazard mould thus be created, The Recorder read a letter da$ed <br />8k.y 22, 1936, from H. E, Burr,'Administrator for the Estate of Sarah G, Haird, owner of the land, indicating a willingness in co- operating in the development, After d?scussian, it ws moved <br />Xoorc, to refer the entire matter to the Village Attorney and to <br />Village Engineer far their recommendations and suggestions for by the Coalacil at its next regular neeting, Notian <br />was srcanded by BlaeItburme <br />Mxx CovePE, presented a petion in form, providimg for the vacating <br />Club District, <br />as to its legality, seconded by Blackburn and carrieds <br />' of 20 feet of Bridge Street West of the East Line of the Country <br />On motion Moore, it be referred to Village Attorney <br />Er Gus Sodergren, again appeared before the Couacil vith reference to damage done to sidewalk in front of 4928 2hmco Avenue by the <br />installation of 48" nster main by %he City of Ei@neapolis. The matter :vas disposed of for the time being by the Recorder prom- ising -to tkke the matter up wit& the City Clerk of the City of Minneapolis. <br />Mr Joseph H. Rush, was present for the purpose ai being re-appointed <br />a '3pecial Police Officer, It was moved..l&oore, that Er Joseph E, Rush, re reappointed a SBeefal Pollee Officer for the balance of the year 1936, aeconded by BBackbma and CarFiedl. <br />Xr Stanley Gray, as a menbes of the committee studying the water situation in the Cowtry Club District was present and vas advised <br />by the President;, that the State Board af Health had approved an installation df 'a booster pump and that lk Oscar harden proposed <br />to ham several plans ta submLt'viLh reference to softening @laterb <br />Applieatian in form for a buiPdiaag permit by John Garrison, to build <br />a private dwelling on Lot 16, Block 4, Littel Bark, x7as on matian Blaclcbura be granted, seconded by Prescott and carried, (&,OO feel <br />Er Jobson, uho had started a Buildixig at 64th, and Rolf, appeared <br />cuasion the matter vas referred to Trustees %illson and Prescott, for special investigation and report at the next Cmncil meeting on motion of goare and second by Blackburn, which carried, <br />Application in. form far buildiw pernit by Le Eansom, accompanied <br />by LBe 31.00 fee and $25,00 Clgzdq deposit, to build a prLvate dwelling on Lot 22, Block 9 Pafrway, 4631 Casco Aveme, was on <br />motion Bhckburn, be granted, secoaded by Prescott and cahried, <br />, before the Cauncil requesting that a permit be granted, After dia-