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186 <br />3E.nutes of the regular me'eting of the <br />Col;cl?cil of the Village *of Edim, held in Grange Has2 on August 249 19369- at 8 PU, " + <br />s/ <br />The meeting vas called to order by the President, %he roll called -+ and- all members of the Crzuncil vere present,, <br />-3,Enutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on August IOp <br />Orrr motion Blackburn they be agpro-md as reado <br />*seconded by Prescott and carried,, <br />>&fr V, Eo Smith, vho had been serving under the local State ';'leed Inspector as Village Deputy t7eed Inspector, nas present an$ hre- sen-&d a very EbmpreIierasive and detailed mrit.f;en report for the <br />* season thus far <br />-fir C, D, Bilkinson, reported that a legal descripkioa dividi-g - Block 16, between the School District and Village was a017 completed *and requested the matter be submitted to the voters thereof at <br />,the first opportunity, <br />.Xessrs Xnapp, Stieae and Louis, constituting the personel of the <br />+Park Board, vere present and discussed mutual problems confrorating . bath the Park Board and the Village vherein all vere for continued . <br />:The Village and Raad bills togather with bill from Gearge Joasen <br />.in moupt 349,OO for relaykrrg public sidena3.k damaged by the City of Ximeapolfs in layins the 48" water main in and along the' West +side of Brmce Aveaue at 4930 France Avenue and bill of Eo Eo Smd- <br />qvlist in amount $3,50 for making frame for map shorling %rea in <br />*Edih protected and served by the Ellinrreapolis Fire Departmen% and the installing of same in fire station #28 at %st 43rd Street and <br />Upton Avenue9 vere upon beiag duly. examined and found cclrrect, vere <br />bp motion Prescott be allov?ed and ordered. paid, secomded by Trnstee BEackburrr and car*ied, <br />The matter of taking care of the-costs involwed in sidevrslk repairs was discussed by the Counrcil, Thereupon Trustee Blackburn maved <br />that begining %s of January 1, 1937, the Virlage of,Edina use %he she system as is enpfoyed byathe City of firmespolis and assess <br />the cost crf all' sideaglk vork ;.,nd/cir repairs-against the dmtting property, motion seconded by Tz1%son and carried, <br />The resigktion of*RaEph J, Jo~so~, &s Street Commissioner, was <br />read as of AugusG 31, 1938, It was thereupon moved B2.ack3mraa3 that the resignation 'Ere accepted, seconded by *J?rescsP;t and carriedo <br />The application of He J, &u%sen, for the position af Stre& Com- <br />missictner, mas next read,, After discussion it vas moved by. <br />Prescott, thzt E, J, Knutsen, be appointed Street Gomissioner beginning as of September 1, 19369 8% a salary of $14Oo0O per month, mation seconded by &are and carried mithouZI dissenting vokeo <br />The matter of Road Oiling was next discussed by the Comcfl \&ere- <br />upan it vas mcme6 by Blackburn that begining as of January Xs 19369 the cost for road oiling of streets, be assessad against the abutting <br />property and that both posted and published notice he given that any residents desiring the oiling of s-itreets 'in 1937, present petition <br />therefor to the Village Comcil and arrange for the payment thereof . <br />prior to September 21, 1936$ as road oiling will no longer be paid <br />out of General Bunds of the Village but assessed against the benefited <br />praperty, motion secomded by Willson and duly declared carried, <br />1936, were readp <br />- co-operation in all things, I* <br />- <br />.. <br />The nzatter of the work contemplated in the WA prosect for the grad- <br />ing and othervise improving of the Village oaned tract af land along the Vest side af P,B@nehaha Creek betaeen 52nd axtd 54th Streets, vas presented amd explained ta the Cowlcifi by Recorder Xoore, who advised <br />it. aauld be necessary its a part af the Sponsor's contribution,lo <br />have 3. plan..prepa&ked for same to shan the kind and nature of the nark <br />to he done and vrffich met with the approval of the Council