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192 <br />Seation 2. Purpbe8+ !%e purpoee sf th%s eode is to esta'k>Zi~h certain mfnirnron standards and rsquiremente for safe md etable <br />ing8 and/or 8truOtUre:a hereafter erected * canstructled * enhrged, altered, repaireb, mvedl, cronvertad to other yaoa os demolished /.. and to raguf.&te the equfpmsnt, rrcaintenace wd occrupancy of all building8 andlor atrw:fures witbin the limits of -%fie Village of Il#fm, for the purpesje of propting and ssfegusrding the Public Hsaltb 8 Safety 8 Convenieno'e 8 Prosgerfety and General <br />WeXfaSe in said Village and for the protection of property. from fire; and prescribing the pmra snb duties of the Buflding Inspec two <br />' design, me$hOdS "of QWlSt33WtfQn and Ude8 Of mteria38 build- <br />I me provisions 04 the Code aha11 be deemed to 8uppUxent aw <br />and als. state laws of the State of Rinnesota relatfng to <br />SeGfion 3. Scope. ITew %ufldings &ndl/cw sfrtxattlrea hereafter <br />erected fn the Village of Bdina, Zdfnneaota, fq38thGP witb trcculta e sreaa, alley or s%~eet enosoacfimente sha1Z oonform to afl requirements of thia Code* <br />Additions, alterations and repairs in all buildings ahall c0nrpf;Y witb %he requirementier specified in this Code. <br />bUlldiWB0 <br />*