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188 <br />7Iinutes of the Regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Elina, held <br />on September 14, 1936, in Graqe Hall at 8 PE* <br />The meeting was called to order by the President, the roll <br />called and a11 members of the Council vere found present except Trustee Presc ott. <br />TIinutea-af the reeular meeting of the Council held on L4ugu~L 24, 1936, .;rere read. On motion they be approved as read by Trustee Blaclcburn, seconded ly Trustee Willson and carried. <br />Xessrs Hagen and Bjornatad of Arden Avenue, appeared before the Council to protest againat 'the digging up of Sunnyside Avenue Parkvmy east of Arden Avenue, ky the Country Club District Service Company. It tms found that no permit to <br />open up the street had been issued, bond filed or that the service company had any franchise to oj?erato outside the confines of the present Cuntry Club District. It was arranged <br />for Trustee Blackburr? to h&ve a police officer stop the work <br />and that President Sharpe would see I& Gaarden. <br />The Eiscellmabus billa upon being duly examined and found correct, tvne on motion Blackburn, they be allorred and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Villsan and carried. They are as follows <br />IT- He Sundquist Frame and hanging for <br />George Jensen Relaying Public siderrallc <br />Eo ?7. Harris Gas & oil for Village purpose3 125.08 <br />Harry 7. Smith CO Ambulance Dora 'Jolverton 5/10/36 6.00 <br />Pire Dept. map fife. 28. $3. 50 <br />4930 Prance Ave 49.00 <br />'. Butts Agency Premium Dixie policy #SO93 10.68 League Uinn. Xunslcs. 1936 Minnesota Year Book 5eOO Thornson Zm'ber Co LUInbt3r 1.92 <br />Borey's Xhell Sta. W. H, Ziegler Co <br />Village 51% Louis Park WA project 2409, July E: Augu3.l; <br />Oiling & Greasing truck Tractor supplies J. Jasperson 343 Ylrps Road gravel Q 70 24001 e <br />IIennepin Co. Reviav Printing eC Pub. notice 15.55 <br />C. A. Lindqulst Blacksmi thing 15.65 . <br />Bwyd Garage, Inca Repair Dodge Truck 4.3 65 <br />Jay 1.7- Craig Co Road oil 63.25 ilinneapolis G. 6. Co Xarch Street lighting 461.75 <br />J, D. Adam Company Grader repairs 40.72 - T.Uler-Davi3 Co Office supplies 60 35 <br />T?. I?. Garvey Kardfpro Q Road aupplies 29.95 <br />27.00 <br />H. P. &!bun Clean-up Refund 4500 Sunnyside 25.3 00 <br />'7, A* TU~CWI It (1 4513 Casco 25.00 <br />Dr R. F. Bickaon I1 '1 4639 Xigebrook 25* 00 <br />Johns on - & 01s on 11 4630 Casco 25. OO <br />Anton Duoos I I' 4609 Drexel 25000 <br />Anton Duoos 11 ft 4400 Brormdale 25900 ' <br />25 a 00 <br />"13. 0?4 * 28 <br />Tiorris Trach It (1 4601 Drexel <br />Total EIiscl <br />The Road and Village bills upon being duly exmined and found <br />correct, mre on motion 17i11~3on, they be approved and ordered paid, seconded by Blackburn and carried. Qmy are as folloim <br />Emf. C. Sharp& Prenkdent September Jol'ln J. Duggan Tre ES s urer It Ben B. 1300rt3 Xec order If George A. I'lillson Trustee I1 L. Re Blackburn Trustee fl C. B. Prescott Trustee li <br />Dr Lowell 73. Campbell Health Officer <br />R. J. Johnson Street Commissioner (final) <br />H. J. Knutsen <br />Sa J. Roberts Utility mn <br />P. Dahlgren Tractor operator <br />Lo Stolamn Assto Road Foreman J, Tracy 11 11 11 <br />J. Tracy Iabor 17i th team Or e s t Spandc Park labor <br />Art Peterson Garbage Collection <br />Street commissioner (from 9/11 <br />635aOO <br />25.00 75.00 <br />25900 <br />25.00 <br />250 OO <br />25.00 <br />111.84 <br />70.00 <br />120 . 00 <br />130 . 00 <br />95.00 <br />80.50 <br />36. QO <br />220 00 <br />93.60.