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215 <br />Ninutes of the regalan! meeting of the Csusclcil of'the Villlage of slim, 2iald in the3Bina School Buiming at 8 PM on Ibcember 14, 1936. <br />, The meeting vae called to order by the President, the roll called and all members of the Council were present. <br />Minutes-of the regular meeting of the Council held on Novelllber <br />23, 1936, Were read, -Qn motion Prescott, they bo approved 88 read, seconded try t7illson- and carried. <br />J. Leo Rerat, presented an appIScation for an off-sale liquor license'.to conduct an oxolueive liquor store in the Village of Wintit, whieh on motion fdosre, be acmegtecl bar future coneider- ation by the Cmancil, seconded by Presc'urtt and carried. <br />hllr Trim, Of School District: #16, wag greaent to present a requeet for a Wtop Sign'' for certain periode,during school <br />hours at the iptersectioh of County Road 28, Vest 70th. Street, and the Cahill Road, which on motion Noore bB accepted and referred to Village Attorney for proper motion for adoption, seconded Villean and carried. , <br />W. 3. Code, appeared before the Council, to request that Block 1, Codela Hfgh View Park, ke -put back into acerage, which on motion Moore, be accepted and referred to Village Attorney for recommendations aubject to Right-of my' of West 6Qth. Street, Grow Streef, Russell Avenue and other streets, secqnded by Willeon and carriedr <br />Building Commissioner Crei,F;Sh%on, filed statement ~f Building errnits issured ~h~~fng: $l83:23 iri btiilding permit fees and g32.25 in plumbing permits fees collected aince last filing. wher,eupon it wag moved Moore that the report be accepted and toarrarrt in amount 50% of beldfng permit fees collected or $91.56, be drawn in pa3tment of aervices rendered, seconded by Blackburn and crarried. <br />Truatee Willeon presented a letter 'dated Deoember 4, 1936, - <br />by Mr &rtz, anclosing copy of letter dated November 25, 3936, <br />by ldr Darre-l-r, regarding Right of near junction of Trunk Highwwe #lG9 and #lo0 and West 50th Street, wherein the State Highwqy Bpt. , propoaed to pti~?cl.safte Lots #3:%1 11 inclusive , lying between the Grange Halb and Vest 50th Street, for future :highway needs. <br />:Trustee Blackburn offemd renewal policy #466587 in Connecticut .Fire Insurance Conpany, covering fire insurance of $25OoeO0 on -mode1 I5 Catergiller traatbr, #900.00 on model 30 Caterpiller -tractor, #lOO.OO on Whr-Bordeon grader and $200.,00 on Vlfausau .Snow Plow and rnaved its acceptance and payment of premiw in .amount $23.75, motion seconded by Prescott and carried.. <br />%emorandurn of Agreement covering the Police Radio service8 . .furnished Qr the City of Uinneapolis, to the Village of mina, .for the o'zisui-gg-.fiye $e& period, was read , whereupon i.t was *moved P2eseott, the agreement be concured in and that the a <br />*President and Recorder be authorized and empowered to' aign +and execute aame for and on behalf of the Villwe Council of -Edina, seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />.Application was received from 3ilinneapolis GO 3. Company, fir .germiasfon to install 1 pole on St John Aven?, between 56th- .and Tower Street and to install 2-2&f and iron pipes on <br />,Bridge Street bswtecrn Bihraa Blvd and Howland Aves., m8 031 motion tVillson Be granted, seconded Prescott and carriedr <br />I <br />a x <br />w m <br />0 <br />- <br />. <br />-I -- <br />It wa ancea <br />skafi <br />be 88 duty <br />,EI moved by Moore, %hat the warning house and other apgurt- in connection with the operatiQn a of Village of Mina <br />ng rink for the freecuee and benefit of reoidents of Mina, t up on the Village owed Iddill Pond area as a ministerial of said Village, motion seconded by Blackburn and carried.