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Xinutes of the regular meeting of <br />the Outncil of the Tillage of %Llina, hefd in the IUna Sch,oof buildhng <br />218 <br />at El PX on Jarmu&xy 13, 1937. <br />Thi meeting vm8 called to order by TresidenS; Sharpe, $fib with <br />Vil,lags Recorder Xoors, had been re-elected and had .quEtliffod <br />and assumed their poefticns at the Councfl table. Nr Clarence <br />0. Bolten, newly elected Village Trustee, ddy qualified, also assumed his position a% %he COUnCil table8 <br />an& all members of tho Council mre found preksnt.' <br />Xinutcs-of me regular meeting of %he Coun<il he'ld on December <br />24 ,. 1936, viere rsad , on mo-%%on Prescott they be approved .as .read, <br />The rollrtao callad <br />seconded by Villson and carrfed. *. <br />.+ <br />Edlr %atdfs E. Jonee, presented a petition to chage the Zoning Ord- <br />Grofeuy Store and-Pflling station on his land located on the North <br />sfge of Highway 169, near the intsraection of. the Blake Road, <br />an8 which T~B concured in lqy the other affected property 65711ers nitZlin 200 feet. Eoerre, it be accepted and referred to an earJy meeting of the Cow- <br />3.b *John Je Louis, apeared befpre the Council and advieed .that inadvertently he had not qualified for Bmbsr sf the Board of <br />PaTk Cornmf~sioners upon being re-elected at the regular December elaction vhereupon it T~S moved Ho,l$en, that John J. Louia 'be apsointed as member of Board of Park Comfsaionera of the Village <br />of .iEdinta, to aerve until the next regular election of said Vir-. <br />lage, seconded by Preacott and carried. <br />IC. Ha &Hugh, appeared on behalf of Leo Rerat who had .petit- <br />ioned the Council for license to sell "Off Sale1' Intoxicating liquor in the Village of JBina,, and vas sdvisedppald consider <br />H. W-Svensen presented Fidelftiy & Guarantee policy NQ. .A0235843 reneving Fire, %oft and Tornado insurance on Village srmsd Dodge truck serial, 8618998, motor 119-8359 togather nith premufm bill in amount 614.'fo. The limit of 1iabi3i.r~;~ being $~OO.CIO in each inatanee. It vas thereupon moved*by Prsscett, that 7bhe policy beeaccepted and the premium of $14.70 be &13otved, seconded 'by Holten and carried. <br />19e&ddr advir~ed that the disputed 'bill .by City of lfinneapolis in amount $33.4V for service renddred on Earth 14, 1935, to <br />Dr Hmlh &ttrssn, 4912 Smnnyoide Road, had not Men paid and <br />that repeated efforts to colfocL from Dr Ihttson hati failea of collectfon, A'f%;ez discussion i% nag moved Willeon the bel3 be <br />alloned and wid, seconded by Eoors and carricd. <br />a inabce so as to permit the erection and operation of a Restaurant, <br />The petition MBB read whereupon it was moved <br />ci2, seconded llsy Holten and carried. "* <br />ce-.&.g. '* his application at an early date. *- <br />Communication by Chiof-!Craeger, of the Xinneagolia Fire Dept. <br />dated Decemter 19, -3.936, ~7a5 read,and atatfng he was retuning <br />%he bond for @..00Q.t10 t~ guarantee the payment of' the cost of fire service to the VUZage of Miw, *%y C%tg .gf. I&Lnnea@oX&s f~r reaaon the City ma requiring indefinite term bonds in %leu of annual coverage bonds as psevionsXy furnished. it qas moved by Prescott, .f;ha;t the President and Recorder of the Vi1;Zage Councbl, are authoriasd to e%ecuts a bond to the City of Xinneapolio, a rnmicipal corporation in the State of Uinnesota, <br />in tfie sum of $1,060.00 to guarantee .the payment to said City of Xinneapol2.s of bills rendered by said City for fire protection, including labor and the- use of firk apparatue of the City of Ninnoapvlfs, to aid the -Village of =in&, from and after Decem'ber <br />31, 3936; and the action of the Besident and Recorder of this- <br />Coumi% in executing said bend under date of November 23, 1936, is hereby in a31 thing@ ratified and confirned, 'She motion ims <br />wscsnded by Truatee T'billson,canci the vote was upon the question of the Hoption af the* motion, $herain there were five are8 and no nays and 80 the motion <br />Application of Nar%hweel.%ern Be11 Telephone Company, far permission to place and remove poles and arezchoru at Hgw. a69 and Varden &eI , <br />Vest 50th. and T7ooddale. $ Hgv. 100 and West 162nd. , t?es"t8th and Abbot%, Diviaien Street 8c Rutledge, Testn64th 4% Rolf, Vest 52nd <br />seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />- <br />After discuasisn <br />I <br />8 declared duw carried. <br />and France , Valley Vh7 and @w 100, on motion Haore, be granted