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Nlinutes of the regular meeting <br />of Edina, heLd in Edina School Building on Earch 8, 1937 at <br />A& . Of the COUhC$,l Qf the Village ‘% <br />7 8 PMo <br />.The meeting vraa called to order by the Psesident, the roll called <br />and all members of the Council were present. <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on Xbkrusry 8, <br />1937, were read, on motion Prescott, they be approved as read, <br />aeconded by Holten, and carrieda.’ <br />The road and villaGe bills upon Bing duly examined and found to <br />be correct, were on motiort Prescott, they Be allotwed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Yillson and carried, . They are ae follows: <br />H . J .Eslnudse n Stmet Cummiesioner $140 00 <br />102.00 <br />90.50 L.‘Stoliman Aljert Rd foreman John Tracy Asst Rd foreman <br />John Tracy Labor with team 26.00 <br />R. Sorensen Vatckman E% care taker 26 20 <br />0, Forslin Road labor 4.50 H. Easley Road labor 10 . 80 140.00 To E, Tfl1y village Marshall <br />W. S. Heydt Police Officer 120.00 110 . 00 <br />704.45 Hilding Dah1 Police Off i’cer Rural Hennepin Co Vslfare ,January relief <br />Arthur Peterson Garbage collection (Feby) 160.W Par1 C; Sharpe * Pres i de nt (Mare h) 35.00 <br />J.J.Duggan - Tre as ure r 25*@0 <br />Ben B. Moore Re c orde F 75.00 <br />C. F. Prescott Tr UB tee 25*00 <br />Clarence 0. Holten !&us te e 25.00 <br />Dr L.. E. Campbell HeKLth Officer 25.00 <br />S. 5. Roberts‘ Utility man 120.00 <br />P. Dahlgren Tractor operator 122.20 <br />George A. VilZson Trustee 2s. 00 <br />Tota.1 Road - V;lllwge $ 2,1L1*55 <br />The Niscellsneoue Bills upon being duly- exanined and found to be correct, were on motion Holten, they be allomd and ordered paid mconded by P~escatt, and carried. They are as follows: <br />Edina Garage, Znc Police car service $26 e 95 <br />,ir- <br />D-A Lubricant Go Tractor oil (less Ped. tax) 38.90 Minneapolfe G. E. Company Street 12ghting 542.67 V. H. Ziegler Co , Tractor parts & snow plow (15) 222.68 W. F. Garvey Haraware 8c Road supplies 15.55 Simon Strand Bent tractor shed eC light 18 00 PS te r Dahlgre n , Rent for truck-Noo,Ilec,Jsln & Feby. 10.00 Rent Tract Office , litarch 12. ti0 8 0.15 <br />Thorpe Bras <br />J. D, Adams Ca Grade r parts Village of Hopgina Fire Bpt service(Ketting-2/21) 90.00 <br />C, A. Lindquist Blac%smithing (Jan-Few) 17.50 ~p~e. Iron Store Road supplies 2. 64 Edina Hardware RQ& suppliqs - 2.25 Lo W.3Torthf ie ld Co Coal for tool shed 18.90 Standard Clothing Co Policeman’s cap 2.00 Hennepin County Feview Printing & Pub Notices 49.05 Rice Sand & Gravel Co Sand & gravel 2.59 IVosddale Grocery Gas B Oil for tractors 56.59 Gas & Oil, tractors & olice car 104.06 <br />26.92 <br />18 10 <br />E, I. Harris <br />Nickele & Smith Fire Insurance (599159 Smp-OnaTools -C o wenches Gre ggs Phamacy Expresn chg refurzd-election sups. 2.62 <br />Gust Olsonr; Cahilf stox% Gas ofr tractor 3.68 <br />Police car service 20.75 Hayden Notor Co <br />Repairing snow pbw 38 45 Chae Olson Sons Snc <br />P <br />Be A. Archer Repairs to truck 22.0 5 <br />Alex Creigbton 50% fees Bdg. Inspector 71.47 <br />D9 2 To tal Mfscollane ow <br />I