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235 <br />I <br />b <br />Trustee Prescott, brought to the attention of the Council the matter of PC Reed 3kf-88, moving to another city and <br />suggested in view sf.Ir Ea3sr8 many services to the Village during the last 123eard; %Bat the 'Recorder write Nr Bass of the Councikts appreciation of the many public duties he had re nde re d the c omunl ty . <br />No fuyther cam ie d to a m. <br />bus ines B e.tand add to come bef'ore this ourned untib Nonday mee t ing , Idarch 1.5 motion , 1937 at <br />Village heorder 1 <br />Ninutea of tIis adjourned U~ch 8, 1937 , mesting of the CounciZ of the Village of Edina, he18 on ?:arch 15, 193'7, at 8 PBlr jbn Edins School. <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharp, the roll <br />called and all mem%ers of the Council were present except Trustee Prescott, who was absent from the Village. <br />The meeting being held to consider plans and specifications and aanitary sewer projects arising in the Village. <br />Mr 5, B. Estabrook, of Burlingame, Hitchcock Rc Estabrook, <br />Engineem, presented plana and speoificationa and reported on the matter of laying out and construction a eanitary sever in the South Harriet Park and Wooddale Sections and gave several estimates of costs in connection therewith, Where- <br />upon Recorder-'filloere offemd the following resolution and <br />moved its adoption -. <br />9rJhereaas, plana and spec PfScationa prepared by Burlingam I <br />Hitchcock: and Estabrosk,, Engineere , Pinneapoli8, Xinnesota, for sanitary sewer in the South Harriet Par% Addition and Fooddale Section, have been presented, etadied and approvsd <br />by the Village Coune PI , <br />And %!hereas, it is both necesEsary.and expedient that saki sanitary Bewr in Diatrlct nlwn'brar Zis be constructed at an early date, <br />Therefore be it resolved, that bide for erne be received and opened at a meeting of %he Village Councf.3. to be held on Narch 29, 295T, at 8 PE in Edfna School and that notice <br />for bids be fnaerted in the Official Newspaper of this <br />Village and the hprovt?ment Bulletin, publiakied in Btfinn- sapalis; Nfiinnessta, <br />The motion vme seconded by Trustee Holtsn and the vote was upon the questlaan of the adoption sf %he resolution, wherein <br />there vere four ayes and no nays, rand so the resolution vms <br />. <br />. declared duly adopted, <br />(MIarch 95, 1987 minutes continued over)