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Minutes of a special meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, held in 3dina School 'on Apr'il 5, 1937, at 8 a. <br />The meeting' m8 called to order by Fresident Sharp , the roll called and all members of the Gouncfl were present. <br />Tho matter of' acquiring any, all 07 any pakt of Block. 16 and 'the Old Xi11 triangle, by either Sohool Diertrict l?' or the Vil- lage, eitber aeparately or togather was discussed by about 35 c i t fee ng . VilXage Attorney Strong advised , in his opinion, that the old petition signed by a majority of residents of the Country Club District, requesting acquistfnn of above lands to be assessed against all the property in the Pairmy and Brown Sections of the Country Club District, was no aonger valid, 'but, in so far as the Village was.concerned, the Council could pro- <br />ceed by condemnation proceedings. Dr R. F. Brickson, read an option given @ Thorpe Bros., under date of April 5, 1937, and expiring on April 24, 1937, drffgfing to se13 all the land in Block 16, NoPth of the present School property, for the sum of $14,000.00 and also setting forth certain restrictions in the event sale was made. After further discussion Trustee Holten offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption _L . <br />Resolved, that the Village Council of the Village <br />of Pdina, Hennepin County, Pfnnesotw, tieems it , expedient and nscesaary to itcqufre, open and lay out for Park 'piwppsesc that, parcef; of land knem as Lots 1, 2,and 8, in Block 16, Country Club District, and the triangular piece of land boupded <br />by Highway #9Q& Old County Road #b, known <br />Old Nil1 Trangls , all being and lyink in the Village <br />of Pdina, Hennepfn County, Ninnesota. , <br />as the <br />TI$ Motion to adopt was seconded by Recorder Xoore, the vote' <br />tqs upon fne question of the adoption of the Resolution, wherein tbere were five ayes and no nays and so the Resolution t#&s;.duly delcared adopted. <br />Trustee Holten thereupon offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption <br />. That the Village Engineer is hereby instructed and . directed to prepare a plat of Lots X,2;&3,Br,0@n. Section, Block 16, Country club Di8triet and the triangular . piece of land bounded by.Hi hw&y T#90 & Old !County <br />for the purpose 0% condemn&tiom, the character, course and a%dshtaf property to be taken, nane of owner or omere, and any other fasts deemed necessary the Council sbould know in'connection witb said <br />Road #2, knovn as the Old Et[ 2 bl Triangle, showing <br />" property. <br />TM motion to adopt the 3esolution wae rreconded by Prescstt,' the yote was upbn the question of the adoption of tbe Resolution <br />wherein there were five aye0 and no nays and so the resolution <br />was declared duly adopted. <br />ldesars Howard Green and Carl V43sterberg, appeared before the Cauncil regasding the condition 08 certain roods in and leading <br />t6 Warden Acres and Code's Highview Park, which was rqferred to tkie Road and Bridge Committee for attention. <br />MY Ge0rge Spck, Attorney, appamd before the Council in.the sd called Eckrlund matter and the installation of eewess in tkie area -East of the Country Club District. arable discussion wherein general accord prevailed, the rnatwr <br />qe ~'18ft for future consideration. <br />After oonsfd- <br />No further bhsiness to come 'before the CounciJ., motion to adjourn carried at 11,16 EM <br />Village Recorder