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2-4 2 <br />Ninutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Vfllage of Edina, held on April 12, 1937, in Edina School, at 8 €53. <br />me meting was called to order by Proaidsnt Sharpe, the moll <br />ailed and a13 mernters of the Council -re pre8ento <br />Xintates of @e regular mesting of the Council held on U&rch <br />22, 1937 , were read. On motion Prescott, be approved as read, seconded by Holten, and carried, <br />XdSnutes of the adjourned Narch 22, 1937, mating held on ?larch <br />29, 3937, wm read, On mo$ion Holten, they be approvsd as read, seconded by Frescott, and carried. <br />Hinutea of the special meeting of the Council held on April 6, <br />, 1937, tsre read. On motion Holten, they 'be approved as read, seconded %y PreQGOtt, and carried. <br />The ~~iscsllaneous billa upon besingsduly examined and found to <br />be correct, =TO on motion Prescott; they- 7s allomd and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Willsen, and carried. They are as follows <br />Rural Hennepin County SBlfare Board Feby; Relief $763.85 <br />D-A Lubricant Co 39 . 45 <br />Xinneapolis G* E* CO~PWY NotreIZibSr 549 o 82 E. I?. Harria Gas 8c Oil 87 03 Rice Sand & Gravel Co Road sand 1.17 Edina . Hardrmre Road supplie E! 20 30 %iller-Davis Company ' Office supplioe 7.55 H.A.Ragers Company Blue printe 4.68 Edina Garage, Snc., * Police car service 10 35 14.00 Tillage of St Izouis Park <br />Thorp0 Bros Inc . ,* RenQ, &act Office &: Tele 13.00 <br />'4'. H, Ziegler Ce Tractor parts 8.51 <br />Lin& Air P-foducta Co Gat3 4.46 L*Y*I?W.thf ie Id CS Coal for tool houae ?a65 <br />Chss Olson 2% Sons Bepairs to mot7 plow 6. 50 <br />Golden Rule Garage' Truck ssrvice 6.75 - <br />Nfsland'a Auto Service Truck service 40%- <br />Sorey 1 s She 11 Station PoZios car & Truok 460 64 <br />B. F. Garvey Road supplies 14.20 Simon Strand . . Rent tool shed 15-00 Vooddale Groeery Gas for tracCora 34.45 <br />Rural Hennepin County mlfarc Bd.Narch 1937 Relfef 549 e 29 <br />.I <br />A, a. Skog, Register of Beds Recording deeds 9.50 Cate rpillo r gre aae <br />"PA ( Women s 1 <br />J.D.Adams Compsw Grader parts 1.62 <br />C *A*Eindquist Blacksmitllhg 2.10 <br />Total April EiacS. $2 ,2O4.O5 <br />The Road and Village bill8 upon Wing duly examined and found correct, mre on mstim Hloten, they be allomd and ordered paid, aeconded by Villson, and carried, They are as follom: <br />H. J .ICnudsen S J *Ro'ber t B <br />. L. Stolzman <br />John Tracy <br />A. Ce Stringer Arthur Fe tersen George TI. Strong 1 TOE . Tilly <br />Hifding Dah1 <br />Alex. Creighton Earl C. Sharps J.J.Du.ggan Ben B. Noore Clarence 0. Holfen Clarence F. Weacott George A, Villson Dr Lorn11 X. CampWIl <br />Po Dahlgmn <br />11. Xhslsy <br />PJ. So Herd+ <br />Street Carsnlssionsr <br />Utili* .man Tractor operator <br />Asat Road foreman <br />Aast Road 'forernan <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Garbage Csllsc tfsn <br />Village! Attorney ,(1936) Village Xarshall. Police Officer Police Officer <br />Treasurer Recorder Trustee Trustee Trustee Health Officer <br />Total Road & Village <br />140 o OO <br />120000 <br />132.55 <br />121000 121.00 <br />19.80 <br />15.00 <br />170 080 <br />300 00 1140 e.00 <br />110.00 <br />120000 <br />95048 <br />35.00 <br />25.00 <br />7fjoOO <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />I