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260 <br />Swcety Bond of the Seabdard Sukety Cdmpany, in amount $3,000.00 <br />or;' behalf of the Country Club, Into, to the Village of Edfna, <br />as provided for "ON-SALE Intoxicating ldr3[uor Li'cense and dated Earch 16, l93T, for the period ending April 1, 1938, was upon examination and motion by Trustee Holten, it be accepted, seconded by Prescott, and carried, <br />Applfcstisn of Xinnneapolis Gas Light Comyany, for permission to extend gas main in and along t%st 54th Street from OaElam to Park Visa, vas on motion Holten, be granted, seconded by Prescott, and carried. <br />It was moved by Holton, that Pire insurance policy by Connect- icut Insurance Company No. 466589, covering #SS and $30 Cater- <br />$1,250.00, togather with policy No, 600637 try Dubuque Fire and &krine Ins. Company, covering in the mount $l,OOOoOO on build- <br />ing, tools and snom fence, be accepted and payment authorized, seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />No further business to come before the meeting, motion to adjourn carrisd a% 11.10 PK <br />fllar tractors and cabs and Whr-Fordson grader, in amount <br />Village &corder. <br />Einutes of a Special Neeting of the C.ouncil <br />OS the Village of Edina, held at the home of Village Recorder Noom, on April 16, 1937, <br />at 8 PM. * <br />The meting ma called to order by. the President, the roll called arid all members pf the Council answered present. <br />The meeting called by the President for the purpose of setfling the Ecklund case and was also pttended by Village Attorney Sfiron&;, Attorney Karl H. Cove11 mho represented certain fnt@mQ,ted propr%y owners An the Country Club Dfat- rict and- attorney George Specht <br />Village Attorney Strong *ported the case in detail whereupon Trustee Holeen offered the follorring motion, ."Tha.t the stipe uletfon presented at this meetfng dated April 16, 1937, signed <br />by Er and Ds Ecklund, containing the term of settlement of the Ecklund litigation, b approved, and that the PresPden$ and Pecorder of the Village Council be authorized and empomred to sign the same for and on.hehalf of the Village Council of the Village of Edfna, rjeconded 'oy adoom, and camied vithout dissenting vote and so orderedo <br />representing the Ecklunds. <br />no further business to come before the meeiing, motion $0 adjourn carried at 9.30 PM, , <br />Village Recokder <br />Note : Trustee 'Willson left the. meeting bt3fore <br />the vote ;%~8 takenand thesefore did <br />mt vote. EaI