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268 <br />Uii?utes of the. resumed regular April..@(i%h. <br />ntge.tYng of the Council of the Yillage of Xdina, held in Grange Hall on Xay 3, 1937 <br />at 8 PEe <br />Galled oeder Pregident all members preaent except Trustee Villson <br />ILr EBcCarthy of the T. TJ. Rosholt Cornpaw, vas present $0 of&s the Council a model #35, Warco grader vhich after discussion ma left with the road & Bridge Cormnittee fo?- <br />further discues ion. <br />Eessrs Ben 'Parks ana Carl Hanaen, submitted a legal plat ky Albart Graber of Block8 2, 2, 3 and 4, of Hansen & Parks lsto Addition to the Cquntry Club Dlstrfct, being the 10 acres fn N-33 3 of S-17 f of Section 19, Township 28, North Range 24, and dadicating to public us8 all streets and avenues shorn on plat. After examination and discussion <br />by the Council, it ;=B mowd Xoore, it ba3 accepted, seconded <br />by Bolten and carried <br />Ifr George Specht, submitted a legal plat of mite Oska Add- ition located in the Bsird 40, by Albsrt GraWr* <br />examination and discussion, it vas moved by XoorB, that the <br />plat bo received and accepted upon the recommendation of the <br />Village Engfncor , seconded by Holten and carried. <br />EQ ftlrther business to corn before the meeting, motion to adjourn carried at 10.20 I?X <br />, After <br />Vi llage Rec arde r \ <br />t