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28 <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of the <br />Council of the Village of Edina, held <br />on September 27, 1937 , in Grange Hall <br />at 8 o o clodk Pd. ' <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all momber& of the Council were present. <br />Minutes of the Regular meeting of the Council held on Sept' <br />ember 13, 1937, rare read, on motion Prescott, they be approved <br />as rend, seconded by Willson, and carried. <br />Minutes of the special meeting held on September 20, 1937, were <br />read, on motion Holton, they be approved as read, seconded by <br />Willson, and carried. ' <br />The Village pay roll advances having been duly examined, it <br />was moved by Prescott, that they be duly allorrd and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Hotlen and carried. <br />Fir Robdrt-Olson, appeared before the Council and offered to <br />sell--a 1936 Pord V8 dump truck in good condition for the sum <br />of 0630.00 , nherreupon it was moved by Holton that the propos- <br />ition by accepted and referred to Chairman of Road & Bridge <br />Committed and Street Commissioner, for approval, seconded by <br />Moore and carried. <br />The matter of entering into arrangements- with the City of <br />Minneapolis for sanitary sewage disposal waG discussed by the <br />Council, ;Thereupon it was moved by Prescott, that the Recorder <br />be authorized to notify the City of Minneapolis, of the will - <br />ingness of the Edina Village Council to enter into an amicable <br />arrangement for sanitary sewage disposal, seconded by-Willson <br />and carried. <br />Letter from Ur Corrine, regarding installation of sanitary <br />sewer in and along his property on Brookview Avenu , ,s read, <br />and Recorder requested to aacknovedge and refer to Burlingame, <br />Hitchcock & Fjotabrook. <br />It r,-as moved by Prescott, that the matter of vacating that <br />part of_ Bridge Street East of Arden Avenue , be referred to the <br />second regular meeting of the Council to bo held in October, <br />seconded by Willson, and carried. <br />The Street Conmissloner advised the Council, of the general <br />conditions of storm dater uev,• rs in the Country Club District <br />rt and it was suggested -that =the Recorder write Mr Gaarden, that <br />U all catch basins should be cleaned before cold weather and that <br />the two catch basins-on the North side of Sunnyside Road at <br />Brorrndale , the two on Edina Blvd. North of Bridge Street and <br />the one at Browndale and Bridge Street, completely stopped <br />and would not drain storm renter. <br />The Recorder eras instructed to advise the FSinneapolis General <br />Electric 'Company , to out out the- overhead street light at .Fast <br />intersection of Rolling Greet and Interlacken Road and to sub- <br />stitute there fors: , the two ornam -a ntal lanterns on the street <br />entrances, provided by others, and without and additional <br />charge to the Village. <br />Trustee holten, offered the following, Resolution and moved its <br />adoption, <br />RE IT:FYSOLVED, that the contract submitted by the County <br />V.-Ufare Board of the County of Hennepin for the administration <br />and supervision of poor relief in the Village of Edina, be <br />accepted and approved, and <br />BE IT FUROR RESOLVED, that the proper officers of said Vil- <br />la,,,-,e be directed to execute said contract in duplicate and <br />when executed to return on- of said contracts to the County <br />W,W lfare Board. <br />The-question r.-ac on the adoption of the revolution and the <br />roll being called there were five eyes and no nays, as follows <br />