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44 <br />Xfinutes of the regular mesting of the Councll of- the Village of Edim, held <br />fn Grange Hr;rlX on NowmWs 22, 1937, at <br />8 QPCIOCk J?Xe 1 .. <br />? <br />The meeting vas csllsd to order by Prmid~nt Sharp, %he rear1 called and 813. members of the Council =re present. <br />Elinutao of the regular meeting of the Counaql, held on Nove;mbzr <br />8, 1937, -re mad. On motion Holten, they bs approved ae read, oeconded ly Vlllson and (carried. <br />School Tseute~ J, Prsscott , of school di3trict #135, appeared <br />bzfsre the Council %n pro*& t.a methode of 01ssesshg non-a,pf- cuturur~l and cgri~tfttaral lande, vhemfn it vm detsrhined thia <br />'vas 8, mat@r for Qi~eF %be State Tax ComJbssion or the State Legislature and the suggestion made td"ta3re up directly nith <br />the Tax Commission. <br />Xr EcCsrthy, reprDeent%ng tho To I7. Rosho1t Company, bsing preoent, nas advisod that the rarco grader vas not standing <br />up under light oorvioe and that an unduly large amount of ren <br />pairs m8 reeulting- After diRCUBt3fOn the matter '5788 left to coin? up at %he regular meeting on December 13, 198?o <br />The Road and Village advancea , having Isen duly exaimd <br />V&B moWd by Preecott, that they ba ablomd and paymnt made, <br />seconded by Villaon, and carried. <br />it <br />It mo mowdl 'iay Holten, that the bill of Burlingarm, Hitchcock <br />and Esta'brook, for Btropoljbtan Trunk Ebmr report and starve^, and the bill of Treeurer wgan for office expeneeo during 1937, Helen Johmon for ~tenographic aork and Hennepin County Rural mlfar@ Board for October 1937, direct relief, be a3.loveCa and <br />paid, aooonded by Boore and carried, <br />Xr &orge Hoskina, appeared on behalf of the %PA workers in T&e matter of supplemntmy aid and advised that the Rural Hennepin County %Ifam Board had allowd clothing only in addition to <br />'ths regu%aa, VPA salary p8ymntso He read a relsolution passed <br />%y thQ Xdina VPA 3orkors on Novanker 19, 1937, desiring Eiupple- nzntary aid on the 8me bseis aa in Hinneapolis and that the Council giw ansmr ao to intent not later than Xowmbr 29th0 <br />The Councfl mo adssfsod khat in the Nowrnlsr set-up:,supplenen%ary or diract relief muld provide or pay Ebpproxfmtely 50 percent <br />month far EL family of ti70 an bxmeaoe of about 50 percent, <br />After coneidgrable discusaion the President advised the matter ' rrould raceiw further consideration. <br />0 <br />addi"tOnEI+ll to the $60*60 basic rfpA pay Or about 090.00 ~"-r <br />X~ss-rs Grant Collier and Paul Vfnd, appeared before the Council to request additional or re-arrangement of the street lighting <br />along Highmy 100 at about 54th0 to 55th. ~tr3e.P;~ Thereupon it nzc momdl by Prescott, that the Recorder be inatrpcted to improw the street lightiw along HighJw 100 fromaden Avenue . to %et 62nd0 Street, seconded by Villaon and carriqd. <br />Heesrs Spscht, Ecklund and Li€cPha$l, advised the Council in con- nectisn n%th S?mr District Noe 4# that certain contractors vould <br />be villing to accept Special Assesamant mrranto for %he payrnznt of construct&= a aanitsry ocmr fn aaid district. <br />PreaSdent Sharp, read a communication fron Rural Hennepin County Y.3.fara Bomxl,, regarding a county nzeting to bs held in Robbinrsdalo on Nov@miisr 23rd. nhich ~EI turned oms. to Trustee <br />A communication va8 read from the Country Club District Service <br />Company, regarding the installation of a wtBr main in South <br />Harriet Park district, which on motion Villson, be referred to the President for anoner, seconded by Uoore and carried. <br />17iIlSOno