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Xiptuter~ of the reguSar meeting of the <br />C~~cil of the Vfllage of Edfna, hebd on Dcsm'br 13, 193'1, in Grange Hall at 8 o'clock Pa* <br />X;Hfnu&e of the regular meeting of the Council held on Xovember <br />22, 1937, mm madd On motion Holfsn, they b3 approved as <br />road, gecondsd 'by Villson and carriedo <br />Nr R, H. TihiW* presen4sd communication by V%llage hgineer <br />Bradley advising that the street grading in the Hidden Valley <br />plat, bounded by Baird, Zeneth, Taljt b4%he and 13sf 56th etreet8, tms non completed Sin a s~tiafactory mzann3r and re- cornemdelta approval of the p>& a8 submitted.. <br />vas so nomd by IJoora, and Prer3Tdenf and Recorder bs authoriasd and ernporsr@d to sign nscesaary papers, seconded by Holten and carriedo <br />Whereupon it <br />To \7. Roehol&, appsaretl before the Council in ansmr to complaint tihat the TJarco grader ms noti standing tap and on account of rspalra and replacementis having b=en recently madea <br />The Counc%X vas advised by Er Rosholt, that his company stood behind %h@ grader and that it t70Uld gfm satisfactory service. <br />Trustea Villson adviaed %hat he rand Trustea Prescott had made - an inapsc-bion of the Crack8 in frmrrork of' the grader, aThich <br />had since bsen mlded and that it M&B his and Trustee Frescott's rscomendation to keep the 17arco grader, <br />The President read a letter from the Ebcretsry of the lkhmmta Tax Commiaeisn, in anmar to letter of inquimoy by President <br />Sharps dat@d NowmBr 23, 1937, concerning classification rural un-plstttijd and rural platMd agricultural. and non-agricul- . tura% land^ vhich ws referred to Village &33essor Creighton. <br />The President read a comunicatjbon t6 Country Club Ddrsfr%c$ Sorvico Compayur dated NommWT 23, 1937, regarding %hit; Use Of TrsnEiiW mter naaipl in placo OS ease Sron pips for tihit; exten- <br /> ion of wter main in and abng Oakland Awnw from SBnd, to 53rdo Streets. Repay under date of Beember 3, 1937, vas also read and the matter was re-roferrsd to Prss;bden& Sharpo <br />to handle e <br />In the matter of the annuak Vill&e Election held on Dacembsr <br />7, 1937, Rocorder Xoore advised the reaults as follotm. There Fav%ng bsan approximstQly 680 yoterj caet nithout oggositfsn <br />to the presant incwnbrants. <br />President %m L year &rl C. Faarpa <br />Amossor 1o 2 yema Alex Cm fghtsn Trtuoswr " 2 yesre John 5. Duggan <br />Constable fi 2 years Le Rw Blackburn <br />TTUBW3 '? 25 years A* Vi13~0n <br />JuatPce of Bacs 2 yeam Be He G%flr;ey <br />Board 3 years Dan So Enapp <br />Park Bard 2 years John J* Lotats <br />The matter af replacing the 8 year old nunmbsr 15 Vilkap <br />omed caterpbllttr tractor was next considered by the Councif, After dfscusoion it ms momd by Holtan, that the Presedent and Recorder be authorized and empor"rzred to execute a. lee;sh; <br />agrwllient 17i%h the H. Ziegler Cornpaw for a mode2 #22 caterpillar tractor on a rental basis of $204.25 per manth for 6 months I alXotrting %he Village: of Edfna for the old #lS cster@iller the equivelent of trio months payment, and vhidh <br />' if satisfactory no further payments vi11 be required and a <br />bill ob aele vi11 Is gjiven the Vilzage of Pdina, motion sec- <br />onded by Xoors and carried. \