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1. <br />Plaintifff$ &y. h9 l? <br />Minutes of the Regular meeting e. WARD, r;c&?eq <br />of the Couhci1 of' %he Village of Pdina, held in Grange Ha11 at 8 PNI on January 24, 1938. <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll called and all members of tihe Counci3, w@re present. <br />EIlfnutes of the ?@gular meeting of the Council held on January 10, 1938, were read. On motion Prescott, they be approved as read, seconded IVilleon and carried, <br />The Village payroll advances upon being duly examined and found correct, were on motion Brgscott, they be. allowed and paid, seconded by Wilfssn and carhd. <br />Application Ptae made by 3linneapslis Gas Light Company, for permiaskon to instal1 180 feet of 2" gas pipe in and <br />along along Ke11ogg Avenue froin'South line of %ijt bard, Street to Lot 9 Block 3, South Harriet Park Addittion. Whereupon Trustee Prescott so moved seconded by Villssn and carried. <br />Trustee Villson, moved that the assessment to be,rnade in connection with the instalklation of sanitary sewer in and along IndianoSa Avenue, 330 feet South of Veef <br />50th. Street, 'be advertised for hearing as soon as same could be compiled, seconded by Noore and carried. <br />It was moved by Moore, that o %PA project be set up invslvfng the sanitary sewer connectibon 'betvieen the Arden Avenue Lift located at North-West corner of Arden Avenue and Bridge Street, and the mast Vesterly manhole <br />of Sewer District #4, Eoctzted on Bridge Lane just 3hst of the Last Sine of the Cobntry Club District, and thus elimimte the heavy e'xpense OF maintenance and electr%c current and that all expsnrses for materials and engineering, being these not included in %PA, be asseslsed against the <br />28 bsnefited lots of Lateral !%v~or District #I, seconded <br />by Prescott and carriede <br />President Sharpe read a letter addressed to him under <br />date 02 January 17, 1938, by Roy W. Larsen, suggesting that the Village acquire certain lands in the Mi-rror Lake District for Park pttrppseso which was referred to the President for such action as he saw fit. <br />Recorder advised the -Councif, that Xr Oscar Gaarden had <br />had accepted the revised IVater Franchise granted it and that its acceptance and certification of Publication . would be forwarded along with statement of ita PinancPkl opsrnffsn for year pm"oceeding July 1. 2937. <br />sf Edfna, arrange to enter into a lease arrangement for <br />the operation of Sewer District #3,uwith the Country Club Diatrfct Service Company, upon a nominal and fair 'basis <br />to be arrived at and that the Village Attorney %e requested I <br />carried. <br />No further business to come before the rnestix the. President <br />decZared the meeting adjourned at 9.20 PM <br />, <br />stated to him, that the Country Club District Service <br />"i It vas moved by Holten, that the Councf'll of the Village -K, <br />to prepare the necessary papemp seconded by Moore and <br />Village Recorder, 1