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Kinutea of the adjourned regulaii rvXtin,r Qf the Councfl of the I Village of Ed.ii?a, held on Xay <br />2, 3938. a% the bong of Reaiden% <br />Sharp, 4612 Edgebrook. Place , <br />The meeting ms scheduled to be held at Grange Half and it <br />ms fo'utiB the Hall was in uis byk the local 4H Club. The <br />Tract Office vas next tried and it vas found to I&? in use for Traffiee Court, me Council themupon accepted $he <br />+ inviatation of president Sharpe to convene at his horr;ea <br />!Phe meting vas called to order by Preeident Sharpe.,.and all mem3ers of the Council rsre present, <br />Discussion Y,W had on various Road & Bridge nattero through- out the Village, at the conclusion of vhich President, Sharp <br />suggested arid f% vas agreeable- to the Co'uncil,, that the <br />Chairman of the Road & Bridge Camnitfee. set up all of the sey~r~tl road inprovm~enl SroJecte which Bad been "nraught to <br />the attention of the Council and to furni,sh.rather complete <br />&at%- aahdcrning tham such as total yardage ddpth of fill <br />etce. The Council after study of the cast, imnortavlce and <br />I ' <br /> other item of each pproJect wbuld ntamriaal ordr?l: .&o that a comprehe be * maintainad. <br />Discussion iws also had with reference to certain privately ' <br />o?'lilEt d bu$ be ing located fn yhbU bar. par$ on pb1j.c prrergr;~ty. 1% \.;as moved %y HoPten, that 9;hc Yillage Attorney <br />take stt?ps to have .&W buildings rerwwd from the alley fi1 the block bordered by York, Zefiet'a, ti4tl? and. 55th Streets irmediately and that if this cahnot 'be done, td report sane <br />to the Council at its next regular meetii3g, motiail vas <br />seconded "oy Lioare, sfid carried, <br />President Sharp, presen$,ed %lie matter of the Lcagxe af 3:inn- <br />esota, iZunfckpalities Convention to be held at International Pa1Sa.on June 8 to loth, - It 'being the 26th. anniversary of tke League. After dfr~cussibn it mk~t moved by Villson, that the Pecord-er 'i delciga'ked to attend the 25th Anniversary of t'ae League of Xinnesota ILunicipalities on behalf of the Council and the Village of Xdinz, seconded by Ilolten %Ad <br />c arr ie d . <br />No fu-rthcr bunincss Lo corne Bfore this meeting, the Presidsnt <br />declared the mee tirig adj ourned, <br />Village Rec or& r a