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. Minutea af the regular rneetixqg of $he Council of the Village of Edinla, held in Grange Hall on Mv 9 f- 1938, at 8 orcSoc33: PM. <br />The meetlagaas ~1p11e~ to- 6rdgrzw:,Ereaident Sharp the. <br />roll called and all members of the Coune41 wers preaent. <br />Xinutes of the. regular meting; of the Council held on <br />. April 25, 1938, were read* On-metion Preaoott I they: be <br />approved as read., sec'onded lqy Willson, and carried. <br />ainutee of the adjourned regular meeting held on Uag '2, <br />1938, were re&d* On motion Holten, they be approved as <br />read, secondeq by Willson , and carried. <br />The-Ni8cellaneous billa upon being duly exmined and found correct/ were on motion W;fllson, they; be allowed and ordered p&id, seconded by Pmscott and carried. They-are. a8 follows: <br />George A. Villaon, <br />Postal Telegraph Ccc Arthur Jacobson County Re8ister De@'d~ - MinWSpolis GY E; CO T*TR*ROshoXt CO <br />I)ah?.Wrg Broe, Ine W. Ho 'Zfegler Co <br />Gity of Minneapolirr village St Louis Park <br />Lyle Signs, Inc B.A.Rog8rs Co <br />LIW.Northfield Co <br />Edina Hardware . Miller-Davis Go Hoyt Nurseries Co <br />Henneph County Retrfew Walter H, Aeke-rman <br />Wooddale Grobery Wc F1 Garvey Justus Lumber Co <br />Loosen Plumbing Co <br />&din& Garage Henne-pin eo V&-Xfarw Bd Thorpe Bros, Inc <br />Republic CraosotJlng; $e, Xieland AuPto ee-rv%e@ Chae Olson 6% Sons Hildimg 'Dah1 Be Ws- Harris <br />SI Sfrand <br />Gee, %-Strong <br />&Ti nne hahs Grange #398 <br />Bbute 11s' <br />C eH+Klh~e <br />Borer'@ ShelP Star <br />Red Win@; Selrrer P CO <br />Me Newberg <br />Re fund for cS8h adnnce d for transient RR ticket $6066 Telegram to Pa, Onmha, 076 Iron Claws for Police 12.00 Recording fees. 2.25 February - 5700 26 210 89 <br />Polibe C&F service 10.01 Traatorc rental & parts 252.17 Fire I)ept service 54.02 <br />WPA Sewing prujeet 17.50 <br />.Grader rental 8c parts <br />1500 Sewer Brick ( fndianola) 19.50 <br />15 Traffic signa 53/55 <br />B/% printa. Gen, Inspi Bureau 2.60 2 ton c-oks 13.40 28.16 <br />60 <br />50 Parkw trees 154.75 <br />252 Bq yds sod 254 20 <br />Gag- 8c kerosene - 9.65 <br />R&B SUpplieS 18.00 lumber 7.98 <br />R&B and Police suppXiea <br />Rubbe r s tmp <br />PfllPntSng and Published notice 46.60 <br />Moving wzter shut off8 acct ' <br />widening -SUnrlySid8 Rd 'at Arden 11.60 <br />Police, oar. service and storage 15.15 <br />Februarg: relief 933.42 Rent Tract Office h phons. 13.81 <br />Truck Service 5.25 Repair De@e truck bo@ + 7.26 Expenses attending PoTice -sch. 12.95 132.94 <br />12.93 <br />Gaia*& Oil Dodge true& service <br />RenZ; tool shed 15.00 1.85 40.50 Refund Recording deeds Sewer pipe Rent- to 12/31/37 45.00 Rent to 12/31/37 37.50 <br />Cold patch 9.63 <br />8 chairs) for PtA.i@e-Coust 12.30 To tal Xiac L $2,823.33 <br />The Road and Village bills ~pm bing duly- examined and <br />found to be correct, on motion Freeuott, therbe allowed <br />and ordered paid, seeonfled bx Holten, and carried, They are as follows: <br />He J Knudsen Street Comiss.ioner 8150eOO <br />Se Jv Robert8 Utflitr man 135.00 P. Dahlgren Trm tor operator 130.00 <br />Ly Stolzman Asst. Rd Foreman 105.60 <br />Fred Tritten Road labor 6.25 <br />John Tracy Aasb Tractor Operator 120.00