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7.9 <br />ElfinUtes of the meeting of the Council of the Villags of Edina, held on June 2.3, 1938, &n Grange Hall at 8 otclock Pa. <br />* The meeting m8 called to order President Sharp, the roll - called and all member@-of the Council were preaent. - <br />+ Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on May 23, <br />1) 1938, were readc On motion Preseott, they be approved as <br />e reed, seconded by Holten, and carried. .- <br />e The Niscellaneous bills upon being duly exmined and found to <br />be correct, were on motion Holten, they be approaed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Villson and carried= They are as follow: <br />Minneapolis Gy D, Company EfIwrch $618 95 Fidelity & Guaran$y Fire Crp. Insurance premiums 48.85 Village St Louie Park WPA &vine pregect-April 17. ISQ <br />Lyle Signs , Inc Republic Creasoting Co v. H. Ziegler Go City of 'Mlinneapolis Hayden Hotor Co Miller-Davis Co Hennepin County. Welfare Bdc Edina Hardware Mieland Auto Service Hennepin County Review Borey's Shell Station <br />ChaB Miller 8c Son Thorpe Brag, Inc <br />T. Wc Rosholt Company <br />Ben B.. Noore <br />E, WI Harris Republio Cre oso-ting Co We Id. Cooper & Son8 Walter H* Ackerman Ja;y Wc Craig@; Co <br />City of Minneapolis Simon Strand <br />Gua Wman Wc PI Garvey City of MixmeapoliS Glacier Sand & Gravel c6 Edina Garage, fnc Mre W. E, Code <br />I <br />paid, seconded <br />-- - Road signs 9.60 <br />Road cold patch 12.00 <br />#22 Caterpillar rental 2040 25 Fire Service ,4940 France lo* 63. Balance Police car * 289 80 <br />March relief (net) 674.05 <br />Dodge Truck repairs 10 10 Pub. Hotice & printing 40 . 36 <br />Dodge truclc greasing 5.75 <br />Lawn mower tires 0U.VS <br />June rent Tract Office 125,QO Rental Ware0 grader 192.00 <br />Authorized expenses att- en&%ng L af MI N. Convc 43.25 <br />Gqs ,& oil* 14s. 30 8 <br />Cold patch SS Rd-Arden 67+S <br />80 yd8 sod 8.00 <br />6000 @$Is road oil 450.00 Fire service 5405 York 12.24 Tool shed rental 16.00 <br />2 loads manure far Parka . 2dO nardmra-R&B auppliee - 34.08 Pairif;""for street signs 8.25 Sand-Cement 88436 Polf~1; car se-mice 9.65 <br />20.00 <br />$3,123.78 <br />MW+AFX"-H&F & UTlft <br />Total Miscl. <br />Office supplies 1.90 <br />Hardware & R&B supplies X8.70 <br />FloWrs for Parks 520 W <br />I. <br />9 Relief' clot&L <br />The Road and Village bills upon beiw duly exmined and found correct, *re on motion Prescott, th8y be allowed and ordered <br />by Holten and carried. They are as fallows: <br />H. J. Hnudsen S. J. Roberts <br />Leo Smith J+ A. Danens P, Dahlgren <br />John Tracy Lt Stolzman R. Port H. Eneley <br />0, M. Spande J, H. Snavley <br />Arthur Pe tersen <br />Hilding Dah1 <br />W. S. Heydt <br />A* C. Stringer <br />S* Je Roberts <br />T* E* Ti1J.y <br />Street Comisaioner <br />Utiliw man <br />83 Brs overtime 8c 60p <br />4 hrs truck driver loading 300 cu yds 0 9p! Tractor opertctor Ass t tr&c tor operator Asst Road foreman-@ 60g Road labor @ 50g <br />Road labor 0 50g <br />Park labor 8 50pl <br />Park labor @ SO@ <br />$L75*00 <br />195.00 49 . 75 <br />2.00 <br />27.00 130 00 <br />120 w 00 <br />105*50 <br />112.00 <br />89.00 <br />52.00 <br />122.40 <br />~a'frbage c ollect&m 275.00 <br />Village Marshall 156.00 <br />Police officer 135oOO <br />Police Officer 135.00 Road & Bridge June 25.00