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Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Bdins, held on July ll* 1938, in Grange Hall at <br />8 o'c~oc'~~ m0 <br />'42he meeting was called to order, the roll called and all members of <br />the Council %ere preaent. <br />Xinutea of the regular meeting of the Council held on June 27, 1933, <br />vsre mad. On motion Prescott, they be approved &e read, seconded <br />by Willson and carried. <br />Xinutf38 of the reces8es June 27th. 1938, meeting of the Council <br />held on June 50, 3938, were read* On motion Willson, they be approved as read, seconded Holten, and carried. <br />The Village and Road bills fogather vith pay of Judges and clerks for June Primary Electihon, upon having been duly examined and found <br />correct, were on motion Prescott, they be duly alloced and ordered paid, seconded by Holten and carried. They am as follows: <br />\ <br />3. Bo Hammond Judge Election $10.80 10.80 <br />10.80 <br />l!hx3 L. R. Blackburn Clark Election 10 80 <br />Nrg E. R. LlcCready- Clerk Edectlon 10.80 Counting Clerk 6.00 6400 (IL 'df' Counting Clerk <br />Fl ore nc e Je we t t Jude EleCtior? ' Alex. Crefghton Judge Election <br />E&%le Tillson <br />Betty Jane Jew tt Frieda Eel1 ($;IJ!z I1 <br />* Re v. E'loore . <br />J. V. Newburn Vo R. Irgens <br />AlWst Farmer Clara Goodacre <br />Agnes SvJensen Elsie Hildre th <br />Hre C. IT. Chance . r;c;?E-".: <br />Christ Larsen Hellie Strate <br />J. J. Duggan . Jeasie Preecott z,&> <br />Laura Dirk@ 1 ll <br />Bs H. Vinson . Co R. Blackburn . * Ben Be Xoore <br />St Petera Luthern Church <br />-0 Smith Earl C. Sharps Ben B. ZIToore <br />George A. Vi11son Clarence 0. Holten <br />co F. Prescott Jo J. Duggan <br />Dr Lovie11 N. CmpBlZ T. ;E* Tills <br />Hilding Dah1 <br />Q* S* Heydt H. J. Knudaen <br />So Je Roberts <br />P. Dahfgren John Tracy <br />5.. Stolzman <br />€3. Port <br />Ha Xnsley <br />Xalph Collier <br />0. BI, Spande <br />J. H. Snavely , <br />A. C. Stringer <br />Thomas Goble <br />Silats Herret <br />Sam WCready <br />XI. J. BrfeId <br />Arthur Pe tersen <br />Xrs A. Duua 4 L4 <br />p, - t;,'Y' <br />J. BouCher &-tp, : >-+;w--% <br />Re Eo Olson <br />Counting Clerk 6.00 Counting Clerk & return ballots 7.00 <br />Judge Election and booths 12.80 <br />JU- Election 9.80 Judge Election 9.80 <br />Clerk Election 9.88 <br />Clerk Election 9080 Counting Clerk Counting Clerk <br />Judge Election h return ballots <br />E::: I <br />Counting Clerk 54 00 10.30 JuW Election 9.80 <br />Judge Election 9.80 CZe rk Ele c tion 9.80 <br />Clerk Election 9. 80 <br />Counting Clerk 5*00 Counting Clerk 5.00 <br />SpL Officer eC booths -A?G+30 Judge Exection & ballitB 7.80 Rent church bassbefit Tor election. 7.50 - <br />Road labor 2.00 \ *>- Prosfdent July 50.00 -- - Recorder tj '98060 ' Trustee It .35. 00 Trustee H 35iOO 3bz00 n' * 0 <br />Trustee ft <br />Treasurer 11 25* 00 <br />30 00 ? Village Health Officer July <br />village bbrshall 155eQO / * Police Officer 135.00 *: Police Officer <br />Utility man Tractor operator <br />Ass t. Trac tor operator <br />c- <br />l35;00 <br />Street Commissioner 150 e 0.0 <br />135000 130.0 00 'I. . <br />120.. 00 <br />Asst. Road foreman 101.40 I <br />Road labor . 84.00 Road labor 89.00 Labor with tea 93.00 <br />Park labor 106.00 . <br />Park labor 310 26 . 25-00 _- Road & Bridge - \PA <br />. 66050 Road labor (me drs) <br />Road labor veede 7P.00 Road labor [weeds{ 75eOO Road labor (meed8 (% auto insp) '92.00 t <br />Garbage Collection ( Juts 276.00 Use Ford v&,+tppk . 44,82*" <br />* <br />1. <br />Total $2,644027- <br />5