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11-1 <br />Einrrtes of the regular meetEng of the <br />CouncF1 of the Village of Edina, held in Grange HalX an September 12, 1938, <br />at 8 otcloek PE. <br />The hour of meeting having arriived and the President being not <br />present, the meeting was called to order by the Recorder and thase present vere Trustees Holten, Prescott and VilXson and Recorder Xoore. <br />It was thereupon moved by Recorder Noore, that Trustee Ko1ten <br />act as President Pro Tern, motion was seconded by Trustee Prescott <br />and carried whereupon Trustee HoPten assumed the chair. <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of the Caumcfl held on August 22, 1938, were read, On motion Prescott, they be approved as read, <br />seconded by iTi11sQa and carried. <br />The Xiscellaneous bills upon being du3y examined and found correct, were on motion Uillson, they be duly allowed and ordered paid, <br />seconded by Preacott, and carrfed. They are as follaws: <br />Minneapolis G.E .Company June service 8446.67 <br />E, Vi. Harris 685 gals gas, less Fed Tax 135.61 <br />Woaddale Grmery 79 gals gas, less Fed. Tax 18 , 31 <br />Glacier Sand-Gravel Cs Sand & Cement 7/19-8/31 88.73 <br />City of 3dirrneapoIis Police car radio service 30.86 <br />Edim Hardware Road & Bridge supplfes 2.30 Thorpe Bros, Inc., Rent Tract Office, Sept &: tolls 13.60 <br />BlackburnJichsls & Smith Premiwn Bond Officer Heydt 5.00 <br />B. H. Bradley Engineering fees 6/21-9/2 95.00 <br />Bemepin County Review Pub, notice on 8/4 4.50 <br />%%stern Unian Tel, Co TePegsam PWA - Omaha 1.13 <br />Leo Priest Tractor flares & flags 2.94 <br />City af Uinneapolis Fire Dept Service, 8/8-8/15-9/7 47.76 Pallice car seraice tk storage 9/28 11.50 269.10 Edina Garrage <br />Phillips Petroleum CO Gas for RScB 31.63 <br />W. I?. Garvey Hardare for Rm 8.85 Hennepin County,Minnesota Poor Farm service &r -July 38 120.00 <br />Village St Louis Park Vill’age portion Oak Hill WPA 14.00 <br />Steam shave1 & loading fill J. A. D~HL~~S <br />Republic Creosoting Co Road tar, Aug 24,26&2? 367040 <br />To IT. RoShOlt CS Rent grader 8/1?- 9/17 191.00 <br />E, A. Rogers Ca Tracing cloth PJPA Village map 3.59 <br />I <br />Bahlberg Bros. Tractor belt 1.00 <br />Interlachen Green House Plants for Park Board 2 040 <br />Hayden &tar Cs Repairs & service Palice car 24.90 <br />Edixia Radfo service Repair switch police car 75 <br />Hennepint County Welfare Bd. June 1938 Relief (net) 259.95 <br />Nirmesota Tree Serwice Laror Parkway trees 24.15 <br />66.00 T. I. Roshalt Co 1 Blacksmith forge (delivered] <br />S. Skrand Rent Tool shed to 9/15 15.00 <br />, Jay W. Craig Raad ail 204.00 c. Olson & sons Repairs Dodge truck to date 75.70 W. D. Creighton 45 days Dupty Village Assessor 225.00 <br />Harry Bansen 15 days Drapty Village Assessor 75.00 PI. R. Neiman 1 large mower, less credit on old 96.00 <br />Alex. Creighton 50% Bdg Pmt. fees July-Aug 135.76 Total 3, Jl5.09 <br />The Road and Village pay rolls having been carefully studied and <br />found to be correct, were on motion Prescott, they be dwly allowed <br />and ordered paid, seconded by X111so,n, amd carried. They are I’ as follo~us: <br />Earl, C, Sharpe Ben B. Xoore George A. ViElsom Clarence 0. Halten, <br />C, I?. Bescott <br />J. 5. Duggan <br />Dr Lowell E. Campbell <br />T. E. Tilly <br />Hilding Dah1 <br />17. S. Heydt <br />President (Sept 1 Recorder Trustee Trustee <br />Trustee <br />Treasurer <br />Village Bealth Officer Village Earshall Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />$50 .00 <br />90.00 35 600 <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />25.00 <br />30 .OO <br />155.00 <br />135.00 <br />135.00