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125 <br />Ebutes of the regular meeting af <br />the Council of the Village of Edka, <br />held in Grange Wall on November 16,1938, <br />at 8 o'clock PN. <br />The meeting was called to order By President Sherpe, the roll <br />called and all members of the Council were present, <br />Winutes of the regular meeting of the Council, held on Octaber <br />24, 1938, were read. On motion Prescott they be approved as <br />read, seconded by Willson and Carried. <br />The Village and pay rdll advance8 having been carefully noted <br />and found correct, were on makion PPescott, they be allowed <br />and ordered paid. aecaaded by Halten and carried. They are <br />as follows : <br />Earl C. Sharpe <br />Ben B.Hoore <br />Geoxge A. VKLlssyz <br />Clarence 0. Holten COB, Prescott <br />Dr. L.M. Campbell <br />J . J. Duggan <br />T.E. Tilly <br />Hil'ding .Dah1 <br />W.S. Heydt <br />H.J. Knudsen <br />S.J. Roberts <br />P. Dahlgren <br />John Tracy <br />L. Stoltman <br />R. Port E. Ensley <br />Sam NcCready <br />R.E. Olson <br />Arthur Pet er s en <br />O.M. Spande J.B. Hammond <br />Elorence Jewett <br />Alex Creightan <br />Xrs. E.R. Blackburn <br />mble lillsm <br />Xrs . Howard Vinson <br />Mrs. Byroz Kell <br />V.R. Irgens <br />Alba& garmer <br />J.We Newburn <br />Clara Goodacre <br />Agnes Swenson <br />Day Harper <br />Elsie Hildreth <br />President of Cauncil November <br />R ec 0.r d er <br />Trustee <br />Trustee <br />Trastee Village Health Officer <br />Treasurer <br />Tillage Earshall <br />Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Street Commisioner <br />Utility Nlan <br />Tractoz Operator <br />Asst .Tractor Operat or <br />Asst .Road Foreman <br />Road Labor <br />Road Labor <br />Road Labor <br />Ford V8 Dump Truck hire <br />Garbage collection <br />Road labor <br />Judge 11/8/38 election <br />Judge 11/8/38 elec'cian <br />Judge 11/8/38 election <br />CXerk electicm <br />Counting clerk <br />Counting clerk <br />Caunting clerk <br />Judge exectian <br />Judge electim <br />Judge electian 8s booths <br />C&erk elect ion <br />Clerk elect ion <br />Counting clerk <br />Counting clerk Mrs. Clarence Lundquist Caunting clerk <br />Christ Larson Judge election <br />Nellie Strate Judge election <br />George A. %illson Judge election <br />Ethel R. McCready Clerk election <br />Laura Dirks Clerk election <br />Nrs. Gardon Norleen Counting clerk <br />Mrs. Paul Buersch Cdunting clerk <br />J. Boucher Counting clerk <br />C .R . Blackburn Special officer & booths <br />St.Peter's Lutheran <br />Chur ckr Rent church basement SE,I?eter's Eissionary <br />Society Rent kitchen & eqmipent Ben E. Moore <br />A.C . Stringer <br />Judge 11/8/38 elec%ion <br />November Road 8c bridge <br />Total <br />50.00 <br />90.00 <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />30,OO <br />25.00 <br />155.00 <br />1335.00 <br />135 . 00 <br />150 .OO <br />135 00 <br />130 000 <br />120 .oo <br />128.40 <br />110 . 00 <br />54.00 <br />82.00 <br />52.02 <br />275.00 <br />106.50 <br />13 70 <br />13.70 <br />14 . 70 <br />13-70 <br />8.50 <br />8.50 <br />8.50 <br />11.20 <br />11.20 <br />- 14.20 <br />11.20 <br />11.20 <br />4.00 <br />5.50 <br />5.50 <br />11.70 <br />11.70 <br />11.70 <br />11.70 <br />11.70 <br />6.50 <br />6.50 <br />8.00 <br />'6.50 <br />7.50 <br />2-50 <br />6 040 <br />25 *a@ * <br />.$ 2,350<62 <br />T,he. mi.sdc-el1ageous bills upon being duly examined and found <br />correct were on motion Prescott they be allawed paid, secamded <br />by Willson and carried. They are as fo~llows