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Minutes of .the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />held in Grange Hall on Eecertlber 12 at 8 o'clock PM. 1938, <br />3' <br />The meeting vas called to order by President Sharp, the roll <br />, called and all meribess of the Council were present. <br />* The miscellaneoug bill; upon being duly examined and found to . be correct, were on motion Prescott, be allanred and ordered paid, <br />, seconded by Holten, and carried, They are as follows: <br />, Hennepin County Welfare October overhead $60 28 <br />I Suburban Hennepin Co Wlfare October relief 589 52 <br />John J, Duggan Stamps etc 1938 Treasurer . 14.45 <br />City of Minneapolis Fire service charge 343.00 . Minneapolia G. B. C6 Oc tobe r ae mice 551 56 . Red Wing Sewer Pipe Co tile for culvert 15.52 <br />. Edina Garage, Inc e , Police car service ' 16.95 . Simon Strand Rent tool shed 15.00 .Young Fuel Co Coal for tool house 11.62 <br />+ Wooddale Grocery Kerosene (WA) 6.52 J. B. Hammond Judbe 12/6/38 Blectfon 6.05 Alex Cre ighton 1) It 6.05 <br />I1 . 6.05 21 ore nce Je we t t Orline Christopher C le rk lt 6.06 <br />ft lt 6.05 - Christ Laraen Judge ' 11 7.05 <br />Mrs L. R. Blackburn <br />John J. Duggan 13 11 7.05 <br />11 ' lt 7.05 <br />It 7.05 Nellie Strate <br />I1 7.05 <br />E. R. NcCready C le rk Laum Dirks 11 <br />Judge It 6.55 <br />Booths and It 11 5 9.55 Albert Farmer <br />!t 6.55. J .T.Newburn <br />Clara Goodacre Clerk 11 6.55 Agnes Saensefz <br /> Hi1dz"e th II n 6.55 <br />St Peters Luthern Church Rent bsmt. for election 7.50 <br />St Peters MisBionary Soce 2.50 <br />CC R. Plackburn Sp3. Officer & booths 8.00 <br />Ile le n 5 ohns on Stensg. services Finc, atmt. 4.50 <br />Virginia Dutcher Stenog. servbces 7 . 20 <br />*A* Be Anderson llNo Dumping* sign 2. QO Gsodrich Silvertown Store Tires for police car 12.00 <br />. Carl N. Hamen Refunds on Building permits 325.00 <br />n <br />I1 <br />Use kitchen & Pq for election <br />Thorpe Bros, Inc. Rent Tract Office & StP ea13 12.60 <br />Hennepin County Re view Printing & Publisliing 23.10 <br />Ready Nixed Concrete Co Concrete II/Z to 11/21 162.62 <br />J. D. Adam8 Company Grader Blades 30 00 Milles-Davis Co Office & election suppliee 3.48 ' <br />Nieland. Auto Service Truck se mice 24.87 1 <br />Republic Creosotdng Co Artien Ave re surfacing 195.57 <br />W. H. Ziegler Co Tractor supplieB 11.01 <br />W. 3. Garvey R&B supplies 20 . 60 Juaturs LurnPRr Cs Lbiber - warming house 11.22 <br />Western Mays Steel Cast. Co Tractor ice gsousels . 104.127 Blackburn ,llicke 1s & Smith %PA auto Lib. Ins. less Cr 22.90 Graybas Blectric Cs SmC Police antenna 4.38 <br />Bren Hardware Cs Momr parts 1.36 <br />City of Ninnespolis . Firs service-5801 Normandale 43.43 <br />6101 France 16.38 - Edinw, Radio Labor installing Antenna 2. QO Suburbfin Hennepin Co Wlfare November Relief 7518 15 Edina ardware R&B suppliee *o 21.80 <br />E. W. Harris Gas E% Oil 93.68 <br />Total Nliscl $3,494.54 <br />Red Ving Semr Pipe Co 107* ft-lOtl pipe for Bridge St37.62 Bbrey's Shell Station Truck eervice 10/27-12/3 ~ 16.00' <br />The Road and Bridge and Village Pay rolls upon being duly examined <br />and found. to be correct, were on motion Prescott, they be allowed <br />and ordered paid, seconded by Willson and carried* Bhey are as <br />follows: 4