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Xinu-tes of the regular meeting of <br />the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />held in Grange Hall on January 9, 1939, <br />at 8 o'clock PX. .- I' The meeting was called to order by President Sharpe, the roll <br />called and all membe'rs of %he Conneil were present.& this being <br />the first meeting for Trustee Irgens. <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held' on <br />December 12, 1938, were read. On motion'Ho&ten they be approved <br />as read, seconded by YCilIsan and carried. <br />The miscelXaneoas bilIs upun being duly exmined and: found cdrrect were on motian WiXson'theg be 'alloved and ordered pa-id <br />seconded by HuIten and carried. They are as fol1o'Ss: <br />.. <br />I .* <br />*. <br />HennepLn County <br />Xpls .G .E .CO. Edina Garage Inc. <br />Hayden Eotor CO. <br />C. H. Klein Rennepin CQ, Review <br />rustus Lumber Co. <br />Chas.Olson & Sons Republic Creosothg 00. <br />T. H. Ziegler coi <br />8. H. Ziegler Go. <br />B. H. Bradley <br />PiPXLage St .Louis Park George ?I. Strong <br />Eugene B, Thomas <br />City of Einneapolis <br />Standard Clothing Co. <br />Edina Hardmare Tharpe Bros. Inc. <br />Simon Strand <br />N.V!.Bell Tekphane Co. <br />Xieland Auto Go. <br />Bren Hardware Ca. <br />3.3asperson <br />Henry Haeg Grant Collier <br />T. We RoshOlt COO <br />Poor Farm Aug. Sepk. Oct. 3 92;oo <br />November electric service 549;OO <br />Palice car service'Dec.' 11;80 <br />Police car spot It. repair 3120 19.50 1500 sewer 'brick <br />Publishing financial statement and p.r int ing 195 LO3 <br />Lumber for 'skating rinks 11;92 <br />Repaint scarifier teeth 11.00 17; 10 <br />3;10 <br />Carbon coke <br />Tractor parts <br />1 Sargent S~OPI plow, net ' 315;OO <br />1 Bross V'EE snow p$ow 340;OO <br />Eng'ineerilig services 1or;oo <br />Tire Dept. service ' 35;OU Attorney fees 1938 raukine work 300;OO <br />Labor & materials skating rinks 35;35 <br />.. <br />Fire Dept; services 31.Q4' . <br />2 PolLee caps 4 ;OQ <br />R &B supplies 13.68 <br />Rent tract office Dee. 12;BO - Rent toal: shed to 1/15/39 15.00 <br />Alphabetfcal listing Palice Dept 3.00 <br />Labor & materZal Dadge truck xu 095 <br />'Ko.wer repair part 1.50 <br />550 yds. raad grave1 0 ?# 38.50 Storage snov fence Ec equip. 193C 15.00 <br />2 cords oak aaod skating rink I6 .OO Glacier Sand &- Gravel Co. Cement,sand & gravel 7/19-11/25 407.91 <br />HA. Alden Carrecting Village tracings 75.00 ' <br />E.V. Harris Gas for R 6c B and PoXice car 122.06 <br />Vifhge SE .Lo.uis Park PrPA Sewing project Nov. 10.50 <br />kaddale Grocery Gas for R & B 12 . 01 <br />George Shilson 1 curd oak wood Skatiag rink 9.00 <br />Total Eiscl 9 2,793.75 . <br />The Village and Pay rolls having been carePuIly noted and found <br />correct, it was moved Holten they be duly allowed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Eoore and carried. They are as follows: <br />Earl C. Sharpe - Fresident of Council. (Jan.) 50.00 <br />Ben B. Eoore Recard er 90.00 George A.Nillson Trustee 35.00 <br />Clarence 0. Holten Trustee 35.00 <br />Dr. LOX. Campbell Village Health Officer 30.00 <br />T. E. Tilly Village Earshall 155.00 <br />Hilding Dah1 Palice officer 135.00 W. S. Heydt Police afficer 135.00 <br />E. J. Knudsen Street Cammissioner 150,015 <br />Victor Irgens Trustee 35.00 <br />John J. Duggan Treasurer 25.00 <br />S. J. Roberts Utility man $35,'Q# <br />P. Dahlgrea Tractox crperat or xL3o;oo <br />John Tracy Asst .Tractor operatar 120 000