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Efinutas of the reguler meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, <br />held in Grange Hall on January 23, 1939 , at 8 Q'CIOCk PUo <br />. The meeting va8 called to order by President Sharpe, the roll' <br />called and all members of the Counci3 'vsre present. <br />9.; 1939, weye read. On motion Irgsns, they be approved as read, eeconded by I7illson and carried. <br />Xinutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on January I. <br />Attorney Thomas Venntarn appeared before the Council on behalf of <br />The Country Club District Service Compemy to suggest 8 meeting to discuss the water situation and that if there was notBfng to <br />be gained that he t'TOU1d reconmend the matter be? dropped, Holten stated that he ordinari29.y would OK such proceedure but in vie17 of Legal Opinion which the Village had, citing definate <br />cases, that he was apprehensive in this case. President Sharp advised that the Council would prefer that the Court8 determine the matter. <br />Trustee <br />Br W. A. Tuscany shoved a rough plan of the Dsrr property at <br />Vsst 50th. Street and 17ooddale Avenue, &kernupon it vas propoaed to construct lov cost housing. After discussion it was decided <br />that PIr Tuscany prepare complete plans and sketches for thk entire project shorting the arrangement of the houses on the land togather and architectural arrangernenta to properly face the buildings on both streets. <br />It ms moved %y Holten, that the pa~r of the Village Treasurer be set at $25.00 per month and Treasurer's bond to the Village of <br />Edina be in amount of $7,500.00, the premium to ba paid from General Funds, seconded by Villson and carried. <br />It was moved by Holten, that the pay of Village Recorder for the ensuing year be set at $90.00 pes month, seconded by Villaon and' carried. <br />It tms moved by Holten, that the pqy of Village Health Officer <br />Dr L. K. Cmpkell, be set at $30.00 per month, seconded by S7illson and carried. <br />It vas moved by Ifolten, that the pa.y of Village Attorney be set at $25.00 per month and to cover all routine services t7ith Court cases to be paid for in addition, secobded by 17iJlson and carried. <br />It wag moved by Holten, that the fore-closure case of the Standard Surety and Casualty Company of NevtYork, against &nelirz Strom, <br />George A. Specht and the Village of Edinn, be referred to Village Attorney to obtain necessary land for road purposes at this the, seconded by Noore and carried. <br />It was moved by \7illson, that the pap of Street Commissioner Rnudsen be on a month to month baskis at $150.00 per month, the . 1 pay of Utility man Roberts be on a month to month basis at 3140.0o <br />per month, the yay of Tractor operator Dahlgren be on a month to month basis at $3135.00 per month and Asst. Tractor Tracy also be on a month to month basis at $325.80 -per month, seconded by Hoore aad carried. <br />It was moved Sy \7illson, that the pay of XTessrs Stolzrnan, Port and Spande be on basis of 60 cents per hour and to run from month to month as or wlmn needed, seconded by Noore and carried. <br />It tms moved by \7illson, that pay for road labor, $Ien needed, <br />ke on basis of 50 cents per hour and that man and team be paid <br />if and vhen needed on basis of $1.00 per hour, seconded by noore and carried. <br />It-was moved by Holten , that the pay of Village Uarshall be on <br />a month to month bas28 at $370.00 per month and the pay of police officers also be on a month to month basis at #150.00 per month, seconded by Villaon, and carried. <br />1 <br />.= I <br />., <br />J <br />\ <br />*. <br />.\ <br />It ms moved by Villson, seconded by Holten, and carri8d by. en affirmative vote of all members of the Council, that the E%d;Lzind'