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Minutes of t'ne regular meeting of tbe Council of the Village of Edina, held in Grange Hall on July 24, 1939, at 8 ofclock P& i <br />The meeting was called to order by President Sharp, the roll called and all membere of the Council were present. <br />.Minutee of the regular meeting of the Council held on July 10, <br />1939, as well as the recessed portion of the same meeting held on July 18, 1939, -re read. On motion they be approved afil read Irgens, seconded by Willson, and carried. <br />Rev. W. Be Riley, appared before the Council in response to notice to move certain buildings from public alley in blosrk 'bounded teOp 54th., 55th. , Zenith and Yo&. and suggested that the mafn intersspting sewer be moved to the Wst where he owned the land and would give the right..of-way. He was @vised that the proposition would have to be referred to the Village Brig- irreer. <br />Trus$ee Holten, offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption, <br />Reaolued, that Annabel lke Hutchlnson, the owner of all the. landa comprised in the limits of the plat of Hilldals, Hennepin County, Minnesota, on file and of record in the office of the Register of Beds fn and for Hennepin County, Bdinnesota, <br />is hereby authorized to paw and grade all streets, avenu~s and highvws shown on said plat to grades approved and authorjilted 13y the Village Engineer without expense to the Village and to save the <br />Village harmleas from any and all claims for daunages or expense on account of such paving and grading, <br />I The motion to adoptt the rssslutioa was seconded by Tru@$ee Irgene and the yote'iras uponethe qivsstdon of the adoption of the resolution wherein there were five ayes and no nays a8 <br />f011oflP&: Holten aye, Willson aye , Irgens aye, Moore aye and Sharpe we and so decliamd duly gassed and carried. <br />Due miehed &%-? Ben made in &he matter of vacating a portion of Cooper Avenue in the Village of Xdina, Trustee Holten offered the following Resolution and moved its <br />adopt ion: <br />t -lLY& - <br />.Resolution vacating 8 portion of Cooper Awnue in the Village of Edina <br />'wR%EBAS, a Petition of a11 of tbe owners of land abutting upon that portion of Cooper Avenue in <br />said Village of Edina, hereinafter described having <br />made and filed with the Villa@ Council of the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, a Petition petit= ioning for the vacation of all thrtt. part of Cooper Avsnue in said Village, hereinafter deacribed, and <br />WÔéČUPLZAS, due pos%e$ and published notice of aaid hear- <br />ing ha8 been duly given as required by statute, and <br />7EUZP~AS, at the meeting of the Village Council, desig- nated in said notice said pe&if;ion waa duly conlsidere4 and said vacation of sefd Avenue being for the best interests of the public, <br />NO$?, THERiZFOR;F3, BE IT RZSoLVlD, That that certain portion of Cooper Avenue in said Village of Jidina, described as follows: <br />"All that par6 of said Cooper Avenue comprehended and <br />distant fifty and forty-eight hundredths (60.48 rgwhere rod8 1Jring bewteen a line dram parallel to and eve <br />in a northerly direction from the south line of the northeast quarter of Section 29 , Township 117, Range <br />21, in the County of Bennepin, Ddinnesota, and the south- erly line of the right af way of Einneapolis and St Paul