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18.9 <br />) It was moved by Moore, that the President be enpowered to appoint a Citizens Committee of such number as he. shall determine, to confer <br />with Messrs Olson and Herrold in the matter of reaoning Vkst 50th I Street and for joint recommendations to the Council, seconded by Zrgens and carried. <br />It was moved by Irgens, that the Village Attorney be requested for wri.t.t;en opinion adviaing the Council whether or no members of the Village Council are subject to Court action ff a building permit is refused or if property is rezoned when an application is pendim, motion seconded by Uoore and carried. <br />Application by Northern States Power Company for permission to set one pols on West 59th Street and Brookview Ave, was on motion Willsotv be granted, seconded by Poore and carried. <br />Application by Minneapolis Ga8 Light Company, for permission to install 300 feet of 3H gas main in and along Minnehaha Avenue, was <br />on motion Irgens, be granted subject to completion within 30 days, seconded by Willson and carried. <br />At this point President Sharpe, declared the meeting recessed to reconvene on August 8, 1939, in Grange Hall at 8 ofclock PL <br />- Village Re c or der . <br />Minute8 of the recessed portion of the July24 , 1939, meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, held in Grange Hall at 8 o*clock Pl.4 on August 8, 1939. <br />The meeting was called togather Qy President Sharpe, the roll called and a11 members of the Council were present. <br />President Sharpe sta@d to the large crowd who had assembled, that the meeting would consider the matter of petitions for rezoning on <br />Wst 50th. Street and that the services of Mr Herman Olson, Plan- ning and Zoning Engineer for the City of Minneapolis and Mr George H. Herrold, Planning and Zoning Engineer for the City of St Paul, <br />had been engaged to advise the Council as we11 as an unbiased <br />Village wide cowittee had been appointed to also consider the matter of rezoning and had reported unanimously in keeping Ilkst <br />50th Street a residential street without apartments. <br />' <br />The President called upon Herrold, who suggested that the <br />Present Zoning Ordinance be brought up to date and'that a definate amendment should be made to prohibit apartment buildings a8 Edina, <br />was strictly a district of good. hme8. That the Comunfty Store <br />District at mst 50th. and France, was large enough to serve local residents for a long. timed That with increase in traffic, steps should be taken to make Vkst 50th Street a more residental street <br />by acquiring additional land and landscaping each side, Section VI of the Zoning Ordinance could be w~ll eliminated and if done would better develop the present Community Store District at France Avenue and met 50th Street. <br />Mr Herman Oleon advised that it would be a mistake to open up Edina <br />for flats and apartments and that w should stick to our zoning and not undermine all the good that has developed under the present Zoning Ordinance !That in Pdinneapolis restricted dis tric fer have enhanced property values for the residents, That the reason for <br />present Civic Center was to limited to develop and that kidina had <br />the greatest qualification as a district of good homes and anything done to undermine the present standard would be serious. <br />That <br />-