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205 <br />EBinutes of the regular mestiw of the <br />Council of the VFllage of Edirza, held in Grange Hall on September 11, 1939, <br />at 8,OO otclQrck PX, <br />The appointed hour having arrived and the PsesLdent of the Council <br />being out of the State, the meetfng was called to order by Recorder <br />Moore, the roll called and %hose present were Holten, @illson, Irgens and Uoore. Absent President Sharpe, <br />It was thereupon moved by Vlillson, that Trustee Haltan, serve as <br />President Pro-Tern of the Council, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />Trustee Holten having been, duly elected, to serve as President Pro- <br />Tern of the Couacil, thereupomassumed the dugies as such, <br />Minutes af ,the $ecessed portion-of the regular August 14, 1939, <br />'meeting of the Council held on August 22, 1939, in Grange Hall at . 8,OO o'clock PM., were read. On nnotion Irgens, they be approved <br />%s Pead, secanded 'by Willson', and carried, <br />E8inutes. of the regular meeting of the Council held on August 28, <br />1939, were read, Onmotion Willson, they be approved as read, <br />secaaded by Irgema and carried., <br />\ <br />I <br />I <br />. <br />tp \ <br />The Village and -pay rall advances having been carefully noted and <br />found correct, were on motian Irgens, thegr be duly allowed and - I* <br />ordered paid, seconded by Willsan and carried, They are as follows , <br />Earl C, Sharpe Pres id ent $50 ,OO Ben B, Eoore Recorder 90,oo <br />GeoSge A, Villson Trustee 35-00 <br />Clarehe 0, Halten Trustee 35 000 <br />Victor Irgens Trustee 35-00 <br />Dr Lowell 'M, Campbell Village Health Officer 30.00 <br />John J. .Dugpn T r eas ur er 25 ,OO <br />s T. E, Tilly Village Earshall 170.00 <br />Eiiding Dah1 Police Officer 150 .OO <br />W, S. Eeydt ,Police Officer 150,OO John Lyoia Police Officer 150.00 H, J. Krrudsen Street ComFssioner 150,OO S. J, Roberts Utility man 140,OO P, DahLgrea ' Tractor operabor h35,OO <br />125-00 <br />Lo Stolzmam Asst Raad forernam 101.40 <br />R. Port Asst Road foreman 96.00 <br />36.00 L, Palmer Labor with team <br />N. Merfeld Dupt %Feed Inspector 92.80 E.. Herr eld Use auto-veed inspector 9-05 <br />Q, E. Spande ' Park labor 105,OO <br />Rm-WPA (SepD) 25.00 A. C, Stringer <br />Garbage collection 300,OO Arthur Peters en <br />Total Road eC Village $2,437.25 <br />.* Jo~ Tracy .Asst Tractor operator <br />Sam EcCready Road labor 84-00 H, Ensley Road labor 84.00 <br />S, Herrett Road labor 44 000 <br />The Niscellaneous bills upbn having been duly studied and found <br />correct, were on motion Willson, they be duly allawed and ordered <br />paid, seconded by Irgemzs and carried, They are as follows: <br />Suburban Hennepin County <br />Relief Board Julg Direct Relief $511,33 <br />Rural Hennepin County <br />Surglus Cammodity Conmitee August 23.62 Suburban Hennepia County <br />Stinchfield , Mackall,Grume <br />McNally and Moore, On Acct Prof, Legal Services 500,OO <br />Justus Lumber Ca: Lumber R8iB 13-10 <br />Ready =xed Concrete Co 26 cu yds concrete (net( 187272 <br />Relief Eoard August Direct Relief 505.96 Jay 3. Craig Co, 332 25 Road oil & C/B asphalt