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Einutes of the <br />~f the regular <br />meeting of the <br />adjourned portion Septeaber 25, 1939, Council of the <br />Village of Edina, held in Grange EalL on September 29, 1939, at 8.00 O'Crlock <br />5. M, <br />The meetrag was called to order by President Sharpe, the rall called and all members of the CouackS vvere present. <br />Trustee Holten offered the following Resolution and hoved its <br />adopt ion ; <br />lTHERZAS, it is necessary to procure a permaanent outlet for the saintary sewer in Joint-Sewer District 370, 1 of: the Village, and <br />VEERBAS, the only available outlet is through the sewer system <br />of the City of Zinneasolis and the Petropolitaa Sewage Disposal Plant, and i <br />WREAS, the City of bdinneapolis has heretofore contracted arid <br />agreed with the Village of Edina to permit the use of its semrs m for an outletr to the sanitary sewers of the Village of Edina, c. %hiah t.,gcement is terminable at'any time# and <br />LQ \i r& %ereas, in order to procure\^a permanent outlet fEqr the sewer <br />in Joint Sewer District Bo, X it is neeessary -for the BilPage to 4 <br />pay ta the City of IEnneapolis the additional cost of constructing 4 <br />a 24-inch sewer as an ex't;ension of the so-called PBinnehaha, Trunk Sewer and to pay to the .City of Xinneapolis the portion of .t;he cost <br />of the Metropolitan Sewage Disposal Plant and connecting sewrs ~ <br />which-have Been computed and determined upon by the Eagineer.of said Edetropolitan Sewage Disposal Plant system as the reassnable <br />and fair cost to be charged to the Village of Edina for its use of said plant, which said arn6hnt is payable over a period of years, and <br />WEEBEAS, the City of Minneapolis is willing 'ca modify the prevfous contract and .to grant to the Village of Edina a permanent outlet <br />for said Joint District Sewer, <br />NOW, THEftEBOWE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village CourrcfP of the Til- lage of EdFna that the Village Clerk shall cause to be prepared <br />and subit it to this Council a new agreement and contract with <br />the City of Ximneapolis modifying the said form of sewer contract under wkich the Village of Edina shall undertake and agree to pay <br />to the City of Bllinneapolis the additiwal cost of the enlargement <br />of the extension of the so-called Wnlne3rzaha Trunk Sewer and the . fair and reasonable cost of the portion of the Metropolitan Sewage <br />Disposal Plany systen alllaeated to the Village of Edina in con- <br />sideration of the agreement on the part of the City of Bdirureapolis to grant to the Village a permlrrenit outlet for the sanitary sever in Saint Sewer District No, 1 through the sever system of the City of Mimeapolis and to said fdIetropolitara Sewage Disposal Plant, <br />which proposed agreement shall be submitted to this Cauncil for <br />its approval, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, in addition to the mount heretofore <br />determined as the assessable cost of the sewer in Joint Sewer District No. I, an additional $30,000.00 shall be included in <br />said assessment ilai order to pay a portion of the cost of the get- ropolitan Sewage Dispasal 'Plant allocated to the Village of Edina, <br />which anraunt when aEd as collected shall be paid to the City -of bTinneapolis, and the Tillage shall further uxtdertake and agree, <br />as farbas permitted by law, to provide the balance of the amo~mt~' <br />allocated to the Village of Edina as its share .of the cost of said <br />I\letroBolitan Sewage Disposal Plant. <br />The mation to adopt the resolution was seconded by Trustee Irgens <br />and the vote was upon the question of the adoption of the resol- <br />utian, whereia there were five (5) ayes and no (0) nays as foPlaiws: