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213 <br />Xioutes of the adjourned portion of the <br />regdar October 9, 193gY meeting of the <br />Canmcil of the Village of Edina, held in GraBzge Ea11 an October 12, 1939, at 8.00 <br />otcQock P.M. <br />The meeting was called to order by President Skrarpe, the roll called <br />and all memBers of the Coancil mere present. <br />The President; announced the meetihg would consider the 1940 budget <br />and tax Levy for the ensuing year and presented each member of the Goumrrcil copies of presentf;, past arid proposed budget. After cereful <br />study of each and every item, it was moved by IiJilPson that the 1940 <br />%ax Levy. for a11 TTillage purposes be set at $80,040.0O and the sug- <br />gested budget woald contain the follming items and amounts: <br />'A Salaries - Oouncil <br />tt Treasurer <br />It Health Qf ficer <br />tt Attorney <br />It Assess or <br />tl Engineering & Planning Expense <br />tl Special Legal Expenses <br />B. c <br />D <br />E F <br />G <br />PQLICE DEPARTKENT <br />A Salaries - Officers B Oil and Gas - PaSicze car C Repairs & Greasing Palfee car D Reserve for new car <br />E Niscellaneaus Expense <br />GARBAGE COLmCTION <br />A Tetal for the year <br />EZ;ECTRIC SERVICE <br />A, Street lights - Overhead <br />33 n P) Ornamemtal G Cascade Pump <br />D Escellaneaus <br />FIRE DBPARTMENT SERVIGl3 - <br />A Taka1 for the year <br />PARK BOARD <br />A. Total for the year <br />- <br />ELECTION EXPENSE <br />A Total. for the year <br />IPJSURAXCE <br />A Tatal far the year <br />REETS <br />A Total for the Year <br />b <br />PmSIC. PUBLISKED WOTICES <br />A Tatal fo;r the year <br />PKXE'ZING I AmD QE%ICE SUPPLIES <br />A Tatal for the year <br />t <br />$2 940 .OO <br />300 .OO <br />360 ,OO <br />360.00 <br />1,400000 <br />1,000 000 <br />2 loo0 000 <br />$8,360.00 <br />7,80OoOO <br />650 .OO <br />300000 <br />400 .OO <br />2.50 ,oo <br />$9s400.00 <br />$4 y 200.00 <br />2 sOOo .QO <br />1,000 000 <br />I50 000 <br />$7,350 .OO <br />~1,000.00 <br />4$1,000 .oo <br />&?5ia,oo <br />$1,000 .oo <br />$500 -00 <br />A, 6250 000